Private Papers

These consist of any documents which were not created by the College itself, but are closely related to it. Almost all of them whose provenance is known have been deposited with the College Archives by outside bodies or individuals.

Photographs from Norman Albone (1919-2012)

Papers of Erich Adolph Alport (1903-72)

Memoirs of John Edward Anderson (d. 1982)

Papers of Sir Edwin Arnold (1832-1904)

Papers relating to Sir Charles Barry (1795-1860)

Papers of Harold Swainson Brodribb (1910-86)

Photographs of Robert (Robin) James Brocklehurst (1899-1995)

Papers of Archibald Campbell (1902-89)

Papers of William Carr (d. 1925)

Papers of Hugh Barham Carslake (d. 1943)

Photograph Album of Arthur Finch Charrington (d. 1922)

Papers of Robert Henderson Clapperton (d. 1970)

Ephemera of Claude Delaval Cobham (1842–1915)

Reminiscences of Colin Cooke (1903-2001)

Papers of Desmond Cooper (1914-2001)

Papers of Bert Cummings, College Servant (1901-83)

Papers of Ernest de Selincourt (1870–1943)

Papers of Norman Dix, College Servant (1913-2004)

Papers of Edward Edmonds (1916-2011)

Diary of Howell Justin Evans (1903-92)

Papers of George Godfrey Ewing (1910–76)

Papers of Philip Cawthorne Fletcher (1882-1961)

Ephemera of William Kennedy Fotheringham (d. 1998)

Photographs from Michael Gilbertson (1915–2009)

Correspondence on Herbert Gladstone (1854–1930) from Gilbert Murray

Notebook of Colin Gordon (1929-2007)

Memoirs of Dunstan Hadley (1921-2000)

Papers on Edward Hales (d. 1690)

Papers of Eric Hamilton (1890-1962)

Papers of Paul Swain Havens (1903-80)

Papers of Frank Hawking (d. 1986)

Papers of Kenneth David Druitt Henderson (d. 1988)

Photograph album of John Hill (matr. 1859)

Photograph album of John Horsfall (matr. 1859)

Papers of Jeffrey Howles (matr. 1950)

Ephemera of Christopher Hughes (1918-2005)

Letters from Sir William Jones (1746-94) and Lord Eldon (1751-1838)

Papers of Francis Hume Kelly (matr. 1859)

Photograph album of Arnold Kirke Smith (matr. 1869)

Ephemera of Harry Percy Lambe (1915-2009)

Wall Plaster from Alistair Curtis Leeson (d. 1991)

Papers of Sir Andrew McFadyean (1887-1974)

Papers of James Gordon Stewart Macphail (d. 1986)

Undergraduate Notebook of Thomas Maude (d. 1865)

Letter to Thomas Maurice (1754-1824)

Memoirs of Robert William Sigismund Mendl (1892-1983)

Photograph Album of Frederick Charles Mills (1848-1938)

Papers of Thomas Paterson Morley (1920-2012)

Papers of Edwin George Noble (1924-89)

Ephemera of Frank Pearson (1935-2012)

Letter from Frederick Charles Plumptre (d. 1870)

Pages from the photograph album of Noel Salvesen (matr. 1911)

Letter from Percy Shelley (1792-1822)

Photograph Album of Richard Douglas Slater (d. 1949)

Autograph poem by Stephen Spender (1909-95)

Papers of David James Strawbridge (1920-2012)

Papers of James Capellen Tinne (d. 1925)

Photograph Album of William Bryan Todd-Naylor (d. 1916)

Papers of Donald Ross Davidson Vass (1929-2006)

Papers of Geoffrey Odell Vinter (d. 1981)

Papers on John Webster, College Organist (d. 1974)

Papers of John Wilkins, College Servant 1906-72

Papers of Anthony Wood (1632-95)

Papers of John Yeldham (d. 2000)

Papers of Herbert David Ziman (1902-83)


Collection of Title Deeds, 1578-1833

Document concerning Handley Park, Northants., 1630s

Circular from the Oxford Tradesmen's Association, 1848

Petition on College Expenses, 1864

Pages from a Photograph Album, 1860s

Photographs of Miscellaneous College Views, 1860s-1950s

Cutting on the Millenary Feast, 1872

Photograph of the University College Essay Society, 1879

Notes on the sending down of the College in 1880

Further notes on the sending down of the College in 1880

Cartoons of College and University Life, 1880

Miscellaneous Domestic Bursars' Notices, 1880-1930

Copy of "The Cross and Martlets", 1881

Photographs from an unknown album, 1896

Photograph album of an OUDS production, 1899

Miscellaneous Dinner Menus, 1903-36

Three College Photographs, 1913/14

Rowing Postcards, 1914

Testimonial from C. S. Lewis, 1927

Freshers' Photograph, 1928

Photographs of Masters and College Servants, 1949 & 1962

Score of "The Voice of the Spirits" by Howard Skempton, 1999