Postgraduate Study

Univ has a large and vibrant graduate community right at the heart of the College. It’s our aim to ensure that our graduate students enjoy a happy, enriching and successful time in Oxford. The provision of high-quality accommodation, generous studentships for fees and maintenance, extensive travel bursaries, and an active graduate common room are all central to the College’s educational mission.

The College currently has some 200 graduate students reading for taught Master’s, Master’s by research, and Doctoral degrees. Graduates form about 40 percent of our overall student body. This is a large enough number of graduates to create a stimulating environment, but also small enough to ensure a sense of community. Graduates come to Univ from across the world, and we are very pleased to have so international a group of scholars working in the College and participating in its social life.

Funding for graduates is a high priority for the College. We offer a large and increasing number of competitively awarded financial packages to graduates, some 35 in each year. Indeed, Univ is arguably the most successful of Oxford’s colleges in raising and offering graduate financial support. Most of this consists of fully-funded studentships created through joint initiatives between the College and various University departments and faculties. We also offer some partial funding scholarships. We offer book, travel and conference grants to all graduate students, whether or not they are in receipt of a College scholarship. We are very grateful to the many benefactors who support graduate funding at Univ so generously.

Univ has a thriving graduate centre, known as the Weir Common Room, of which all graduate students are members.  The WCR offers a meeting place and College base that is managed by and for our graduate students. Amongst many other academic and social events, new graduate students are invited to a welcome dinner at the start of their course, and are provided with a bespoke academic and social induction programme. In addition, the College offers its graduate students opportunities to participate in research presentations, and runs a graduate mentor scheme through which graduate students can take on a role in the academic support of undergraduate students, for which they are both trained and paid.

All of our graduate students have a College Adviser, a senior academic in a relevant field associated with the College, who can support them in their work. Each student meets with the Master, the Dean of Graduates and their College Adviser at least once each year for an Academic Review. Should any problems arise during your studies in Oxford then the College is well placed to offer support and advice.

Univ has tutorial and professorial Fellows in most subjects, as well as six statutory chairs (in Jurisprudence, Chinese, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Bioinformatics, and Neuroimaging) and some ten Junior Research Fellows. Most Fellows act as supervisors to their own graduate students, and several have large departmentally-based research groups.