Postgraduate Study

University College has a large and vibrant graduate community right at the heart of the College.

As well as being world-renowned for the excellence of its undergraduate teaching, Oxford is also one of the most research active universities in the world. Its activities cover the full range of academic pursuits and make Oxford University an ideal place in which to conduct postgraduate study. Like our undergraduate students, all of Oxford University’s graduate students are attached to a college. So why might you consider Univ as your college of choice?

One reason is that we value our postgraduate students, and constantly strive to improve the student experience, and to invest in our postgraduate community. Indeed, Univ helps provide full studentship funding to almost half of its graduate intake, and seeks to expand this further. Our current graduates (some 200 students reading for taught Master’s, Master’s by research, and Doctoral degrees) come from more than 35 countries, and form 40% of our overall student body. This creates a large enough number of graduates to create a stimulating environment, whilst being small enough to ensure a sense of community. Our students study a broad range of subjects, each of which represents a priority area for the College and is supported by a number of senior academics.

Oxford’s graduate students are among the best in the world, and by offering studentship funding and a supportive academic environment Univ seeks to be amongst the most attractive of Oxford’s colleges to which those students apply. University College is committed to fostering a coherent and well-integrated international community of scholars, offering them high-quality accommodation, both on our main site and on our North Oxford satellite site.

With graduate studentship funding a high priority of the College strategy, Univ offers a large and increasing number of competitively awarded financial packages to graduates. Indeed, Univ is arguably the most successful of Oxford’s colleges in raising and offering graduate financial support. Most of this consists of fully-funded studentships via joint initiatives between the College and various University departments and faculties, whereas some offer partial funding scholarships. Ultimately, most of our studentships and scholarships have been set up with generous financial support from individual Old Members (alumni) of the College or by the College’s active Old Members’ Trust. We also offer all graduate students book, travel and conference grants.

We have a thriving Middle Common Room that offers a meeting place and College base that is managed by and exclusively for the use of our graduate students. We also have a special induction programme for new graduate students, distinct from that of undergraduates. Our graduates are invited to College-based research presentations throughout the academic year and are given the opportunity to talk about their work to senior and junior members of the College at events organised in the Master’s Lodgings.

The College also offers a very rich social experience. In addition to a Freshers’ Dinner for graduates at the start of Michaelmas term (the first term in the academic year), graduates are invited to various functions throughout the academic year, such as dinner with members of the Senior Common Room, which brings together graduate students, Fellows, and their guests; and a supervisors-supervisees dinner, at which the College entertains supervisors and their supervisees both from Univ and from other colleges. Our graduates have also formed the tradition of eating together on Sunday evenings during term time.

All of our graduates have College Advisers (senior academics associated with the College), working in the same or a similar area of study, with whom they can discuss academic progress and any academic or practical problems that they may encounter. Each student meets with the Master, the Dean of Graduates and their College Adviser at least once each year for an Academic Review. Should any problems arise during your studies in Oxford then the College is well placed to offer support and advice.