Postgraduate applications

Postgraduate students should apply primarily to a department or faculty of the University using the central University’s online application system. The relevant department or faculty will then assess your application during one of its predetermined admissions cycles. Applicants must first have been accepted by a department or faculty of the University of Oxford before any college or permanent private hall may consider them. At the time of application students can list their preferred college, and once offered a place on a course the student dossier will be passed to any named college for consideration. If you name Univ as your preferred college then Univ would be the first college to be sent your dossier. Any postgraduate student offered a place by a department or faculty will be guaranteed a place in one of the University’s colleges, but whether or not your preferred college will be able to offer you a place will depend on academic ability, academic fit, and whether there are places left.

Since most of our fully-funded studentships are linked to departments and faculties the system is no different if you are hoping to be awarded a College-linked studentship. Simply apply to the department or faculty of your choice and you will automatically be considered for any Univ-linked studentship for which you are eligible, even if you do not list Univ as your preferred college.

Univ considers applications for any of the courses in which the College offers admission. Please consult the  College Guide to see a list of these courses. Applications are usually considered by the academic staff in the relevant subject area and by the Dean of Graduates or the Senior Tutor. Preference will normally be given to applicants whose area of study overlaps with the academic interests of the College’s academic staff and hence where there is good academic fit.

The College aims to admit a certain number of graduate students each year spread across the range of subjects for which it accepts graduate students, and this will determine the number of offers that can be made to applicants. Where there are more applicants than offers that can be made, the relative academic merit and potential of the applicants may be taken into account. It may not be possible to make offers to applicants whose applications are received late in the admissions round, when places are full.

The possession of competitively-won funding may be taken into account as an indicator of the applicant’s academic merit and potential.

The final decision on whether to offer a place in the light of the overall competition for graduate places and the spread of those places across subject areas is usually taken by the Senior Tutor and/or the Dean of Graduates.

Preference may be given to current or past students of the College who meet the selection criteria described above.

Please note that any offer of a place will be subject to satisfactory completion of the financial declaration form that will be sent to the applicants as part of the offer of a place. Please consult this guidance for more details, College Financial Declaration.

If the department or faculty you apply to decides to make you an offer, this may be unconditional (e.g., if you have already completed your undergraduate degree and are being offered full studentship funding) or may be conditional (e.g., dependent on your receiving a certain class, or GPA, in your undergraduate degree, or on satisfying the University's English language requirements).

Before submitting an application, please read the guidance on the main University website carefully. Do bear in mind that there are strict deadlines for applying for courses, and also for applying for University, College, departmental, and other scholarships, bursaries, and other forms of financial support, which typically have only one single strictly enforced deadline (usually dictated by the date by which all online documents must be uploaded to the University’s online application system).

All Graduate applications are also now considered for the prestigious Clarendon Scholarships. However, to be considered, applications must be submitted to the University by the January admissions cycle deadline.