Photographs of Robert (Robin) James Brocklehurst (1899-1995)

Robert James Brocklehurst (1899–1995), also known as Robin, came up to University College from Harrow in 1917, in the middle of the First World War. He left briefly to serve in the Tank Corps from 1918–19, but then returned to Oxford, where he got a First in Physiology in 1921. From 1926–8 he was a Radcliffe Travelling Fellow. Having then spent some time at University College London, in 1930 he was appointed Professor of Physiology at the University of Bristol, where he remained until his retirement in 1965.

These photographs were collected by Brocklehurst while he was at Oxford, and were presented to the College by his granddaughters in September 2015 as Accession No. 1161. They are group photographs which relate to his time at University College in 1917–21, and include some rowing photographs, as well as some photographs of the whole College.

Catalogued in September 2015.

UC:P316/P1/1    Nov 1917
    Group photograph (mounted) of University College Freshmen, November 1917. They are: Arthur Eric Heath, Hector Trevenen Grantham, R. J. Brocklehurst, and Claude Norman Robinson.
    Size (including mount): 380 by 460 mm.

UC:P316/P1/2    Mar 1919
    Group photograph (mounted) of the University College Torpids Four of 1919. They are Henry Montagu Woolf (matr. 1913; bow), R. J. Brocklehurst (2), Albert Arthur Fitzgerald Peel (matr. 1918; 3), Geoffrey Dugdale Kirwan (matr. 1919; stroke), Laurence Chalk (matr. 1919; spare man), and Alfred Kenneth Hamilton-Jenkin (matr. 1919; cox).
    Size (including mount): 355 by 460 mm.

UC:P316/P1/3    June 1919?
    Photograph (mounted) showing the University College Barge with people on it, clearly watching a race which is out of sight. The photograph is undated, but was probably taken for Eights Week 1919, the only Eights Week in which Brocklehurst took part.
    Size (including mount): 460 by 540 mm.

UC:P316/P1/4    Jun 1919
    Photograph (mounted) showing the University College Barge with people on it, and with an eight moored up in front of it. UC:P316/P1/5 below shows that this is the Second Eight, which included Brocklehurst. The names of the crew are given there.
    Size (including mount): 455 by 535 mm.

UC:P316/P1/5    Jun 1919
    Two photographs on a single mount of the University College Second Eight of Eights Week 1919, which achieved four bumps. The left-hand photograph shows the crew in their boat, and the right-hand one shows them in the Main Quad. They are seated in the right-hand photograph as follows:
    Back row (left to right): John Alexander Currie (matr. 1919; 3); Geoffrey Dugdale Kirwan (matr. 1919; stroke); R. J. Brocklehurst (2); Vincent Alford (matr. 1919; 4).
    Middle Row (left to right): Alan Campbell Gairdner (matr. 1919; 7), Laurence Chalk (matr. 1919; 6), Basil Platel Wyllie (matr. 1919; 5), and Henry Montagu Woolf (matr. 1913; bow).
    Front row: Alfred Kenneth Hamilton-Jenkin (matr. 1919; cox).
    Size (including mount): 445 by 850 mm.

UC:P316/P1/6    n.d. (Jun 1919?)
    Group photograph (mounted) of members of the College, including the Master and some Fellows, wearing evening dress. It is uninscribed on the front, but on the back is a note “R. G. Brocklehurst Esq. Univ. Bumps.” This is probably a photograph taken before a Bump Supper, and the likeliest date for this, on the basis of the College’s rowing successes, and Brocklehurst’s involvement in rowing, must be June 1919.
    Size (including mount): 460 by 540 mm.

UC:P316/P1/7    Jun 1919
    Group photograph (mounted) of members of University College. Unusually, Brocklehurst added his own identifications of all the sitters. Sometimes he made an error with their names. What follows are the names of all the sitters, as corrected after comparison with the College’s Admissions Register and the Old Members’ index cards prepared by the College Office:
    Back Row (from left to right):
        Norman Shera Millican (matr. 1919)
        Albert Arthur Fitzgerald Peel (matr. 1918)
        Percy Charles Raiment (matr. 1919)
        Keith Maitland Davie (matr. 1919)
        Hugh Black (matr. 1919)
        Vincent Alford (matr. 1919)
        Ian Henry Bernard Paterson (matr. 1919)
    Second row (from left to right):
        William Greenwood Carr (matr. 1919)
        Henry Pyot Blunt (matr. 1919)
        Harold Edward Bridgett (matr. 1919)
        Henry Lovell Goldsworthy Gurney (matr. 1919)
        Laurence Chalk (matr. 1919)
        Basil Platel Wyllie (matr. 1919)
    Third row (from left to right):
        Alan Campbell Gairdner (matr. 1919)
        Paul Alexander McEwen (matr. 1919)
        Henry Welby Lee (matr. 1919)
        Hector Trevenen Grantham (matr. 1917)
        Arthur Clement Brashaw (matr. 1919)
        George Mervyn Bruxner (matr. 1919)
        John de Forest Thompson (matr. 1919)
        Ralph Eldon Owen (matr. 1919)
        Hubert John Kidd (matr. 1919)
        Charles Leycester Barwell. (matr. 1919)
        Herbert Edmund Wilding (matr. 1918)
        Claude Norman Robinson (matr. 1917)
        Arthur Eric Heath (matr. 1917)
        Alfred Kenneth Hamilton-Jenkin (matr. 1919)
        John Lionel Morice Sinnett (matr. 1919)
        John Manley Hawker (matr. 1919)
        Charles Anthony Minoprio (matr. 1919)
        Kenneth Stuart Sandford (matr. 1919; F. 1965–7)
        Malcolm Mercer Hollett (matr. 1918)
        Lawrence Percival Dealtry (matr. 1919)
        Geoffrey Chilton (matr. 1919)
        Edward Fairchild Watling (matr. 1918)
        Clive Staples Lewis (matr. 1917)
        George Patrick Vessey (matr. 1919)
        Mundeford Allen (matr. 1919)
        William Leslie Baber Wellacott (matr. 1919)
    Fourth Row (from left to right):
        John Alexander Currie (matr. 1919)
        Harold Flack (US army officer studying in 1919)
        Ivan Curlewis (matr. 1919)
        Charles Wilfrid Mackenzie (matr. 1919)
        Hermann Emil Alfred Westendarp (matr. 1919)
        Harold Lancelot Hopper (matr. 1919)
        Abraham Henry Eric Gie (matr. 1919)
        Thomas Rawson Fox (matr. 1919)
        Arthur Robert Loftus Gaussen (matr. 1919)
        Robert Benedict Bourdillon (F. 1913–23)
        Carleton Kemp Allen (F. 1920–31 & 1940–62)
        John Robert Edwards (matr. 1916)
        Robert James Brocklehurst (matr. 1917)
        Ralph Vincent Chapman (matr. 1919)
        Theodore Leslie Futch (US army officer studying in 1919)
        Harold William Turner (matr. 1919)
        Sidney John Selby Groves (matr. 1918)
        Harry Frank Smith (matr. 1919)
        George John Inglis (matr. 1919)
        Hugh Frederick Bower Sharp (matr. 1919)
        Alfred Montague Leney (matr. 1919)
        John Bertram Granville Bradley (matr. 1919)
        James Gordon Steward MacPhail (matr. 1919)
        Griffith Rhys (matr. 1919)
    Fifth Row (from left to right):
        Patrick William Rucker (matr. 1919)
        Henry Montagu Woolf (matr. 1913)
        Hugh McDowall Wilson (matr. 1913)
        Henry Pringle Ritchie (matr. 1913)
        Henry Alexander Dyde (matr. 1919)
        Douglas Reginald Gawler (matr. 1919)
        George Hope Stevenson (F. 1906–49)
        Ernest William Ainley Walker (F. 1903–38)
        Digby Richard Lawson (matr. 1913)
        The Master (Reginald Walter Macan; F. 1884–1906; M. 1906–23)
        Arthur Blackburne Poynton (F. 1894–1935; M. 1935–7)
        Aubrey de Selincourt (matr. 1913)
        Laurence William Codd (matr. 1914)
        Charles James Rowlatt (matr. 1913)
        Godfrey Bolton (matr. 1912)
        Donald Frederick Wilkinson (matr. 1914)
        Frank Chaplin Nisbet (matr. 1919)
        Charles Edward Sigismund Rucker (originally Rücker; matr. 1913)
        Arthur Norwood Carter (matr. 1913)
        Leslie O’Gorman Whitfield (matr. 1919)
        William Mostyn Collingwood Hustler (matr. 1919)
        Theodore Norman Forbes Salvesen (matr. 1919)
    Sixth Row (from left to right):
        John Edmund Samuel Long (matr. 1914)
        Jean Etienne de Villiers (matr. 1914)
        Everett Thurston Brown (US army officer studying in 1919)
        Rodney Marshall Sabine Pasley (matr. 1919)
        Alfred Cyril Ewing (matr. 1917)
        Geoffrey Odell Vinter (matr. 1919)
        Harold Leslie Addleshaw (matr. 1919)
        William Rankine Milligan (matr. 1919)
        Thomas Evans Lindop (matr. 1919)
        Arnold Percy Webster (matr. 1919)
        Edward la Nauze Strater (US army officer studying in 1919)
        Arthur Brent Craig (matr. 1919)
        Clive Stuart Saxon Burt (matr. 1919)
        John Lindley Gammell (US army officer studying in 1919)
    Size (including mount): 460 by 550 mm.

UC:P316/P1/8    Apr–Jun 1919
    Photograph (mounted) of a group of undergraduates and others at a formal dinner. On the back is written “Old Harrovians (Trinity Term 1919) Buol’s”. Boul’s was a restaurant then situated in Cornmarket Street.
    Size (including mount): 365 by 440 mm.

UC:P316/P1/9    Jun 1920
    Group photograph (mounted) of Fellows and undergraduates of University College. Undated and uninscribed, but comparison with the photographs at UC:O2/P1/2 shows that this is a copy of the one taken in June 1920.
    Size (including mount): 460 by 540 mm.

UC:P316/P1/10    Jun 1921
    Group photograph (mounted) of Fellows and undergraduates of University College. Undated and uninscribed, but dated to 1921 on the back of the mount.
    Size (including mount): 460 by 540 mm.

UC:P316/P1/11    Jun 1921
    Group photograph (mounted) of undergraduates (both male and female) who have just sat their Physiology Finals with their tutors. All names are given: the members of University College included here are Brocklehurst himself, Albert Arthur Fitzgerald Peel, and Percy Charles Raiment.
    Size (including mount): 355 by 455 mm.

UC:P316/P1/12    Jun 1922
    Group photograph (mounted) of Fellows and undergraduates of University College. Undated and uninscribed, but dated to 1922 on the back of the mount.
    Size (including mount): 460 by 540 mm.

UC:P316/P1/13    1923
    Black and white print (mounted) of the portrait of Reginald Macan (matr. 1868; F. 1884–1906; M. 1906–23) painted by Mauric Greiffenhagen on his retirement.
    Size (including mount): 480 by 395 mm.