Photographs from Norman Albone (1919-2012)

Norman Albone matriculated from University College in 1947. These photographs were given by him to the archives, via the Master, in July 2008 as Accession No. 790.

Catalogued in July 2008.

UC:P256/P1/1–2    25 May 1948
        Two photographs taken of the performance of The Masque of Hope by Nevil Coghill, given in Radcliffe Quadrangle to mark the visit of Princess Elizabeth (later Queen Elizabeth II). One photograph shows the Princess taking her seat, another a scene from the Masque.

UC:P256/P1/3–4    n.d. (c. 1948?)
        Two photographs of a Utopers visit to Cumnor, one taken from the coach as it was leaving College, the other taken of the coach when it arrived at Cumnor.

UC:P256/P1/5    n.d. (c. 1948?)
        Photograph of a group of undergraduates holding a party around the Shelley Memorial.