Photographs of Miscellaneous College Views

The photographs from MC:P209/P1 were found in a cellar under the Master’s Lodgings in autumn 2003 and transferred to the archives in November 2003 as Accession No. 473, while those in MC:P209/P2 had been given to the Librarian, and were transferred from there in Januar 2004 as Accession No. 486.

The former group appear to have been  extracted from collections of photographs already in the archives for display purposes, while the latter had been used to make modern copies from. The original provenance of all these photographer, however, is now unknowable, and they have therefore been catalogued together in the absence of any earlier history.

All photographs are in black and white, unless otherwise indicated.

Recatalogued in January 2004.


UC:P209/P1/1–7    c.1901
        Seven black and white photographs of various views of the College, as listed below. P1/4–5 are reproduced in Carr’s history of University College, published in 1902, so the whole set must have been taken shortly before then. It is possible that these photographs may have been found with UC:P190, another collection of photographs used in Carr’s book. The photographs are as follows:
        P1/1: View of the Front Quad, looking north. Note that the statue of James II lacks a right hand even at this date.
        P1/2: View of the west side of the Front Quad, seen from the Fellows’ Garden, showing it before the extension of the west end of the Hall.
        P1/3: View of the Hall, looking west, showing the ceiling added by Henry Keene in 1766.
        P1/4: View of the oriel window in the Hall, with Keene’s ceiling (reproduced opposite p. 188 of Carr’s history).
        P1/5: View of the Chapel, looking east, with George Gilbert Scott’s modifications still in place (reproduced opposite p. 214 in Carr).
        P1/6: View of the Library, looking west, showing its appearance before the insertion of a mezzanine floor in the 1930s.
        P1/7: View of the Master’s Lodgings, seen from the tower of Radcliffe Quad.
        Photographer: presumably H. Minn, who is known to have taken the photographs for Carr at UC:P190.
        Size: 120 by 165 mm.

UC:P209/P1/8    c. 1904?
        Photograph of Logic Lane, looking northwards, with the newly-built Durham Buildings to the right, showing the metal fence protecting it from the road. This must have been taken soon after  1904, when the bridge over Logic Lane was completed, because  on the back someone has written “Univ New Buildings & bridge”.
        Photographer: Taunt.
        Size: 205 by 150 mm.

UC:P209/P1/9    c.1904?
        Photograph of the Hall taken before Keene’s ceiling was removed.  On the back someone has written “University Coll Hall Int”. It appears to have been taken around the same time as P1/8, and may therefore be among the last depictions of the Hall before Keene’s ceiling was taken down in 1904.
        Photographer: Taunt.
        Size: 205 by 150 mm.

UC:P209/P1/10    after 1904
        Photograph of the interior of the Hall taken after the original roof was revealed, and the Hall itself extended, in 1904. It is undated.
        Photographer: Country Life.
        Size: 205 by 160 mm.

UC:P209/P1/11–13    1950s?
        Three photographs, probably taken in the 1950s or late 1940s, as follows:
        P1/11: Photograph (numbered ‘7') of undergraduates playing bowls in Radcliffe Quad.
        P1/12: Photograph (numbered ‘13') of the interior of the Hall, facing west.
        P1/13: Photograph (numbered ‘5') of the interior of the Chapel, facing east. This shows the east end following the re-erection of the original wainscotting to cover Scott’s reredos, and the blacking up of the outer lights of Clayton and Bell’s window, done at the instigation of Sir Michael Sadler (who supposedly put up the black paper himself).
        Photographer: The Central Press Photos, Ltd.
        Size: 205 by 255 mm.

UC:P209/P1/14    1962
        Photograph of the west facade of the Goodhart Building, taken soon after its construction. This may have belonged with UC:FA14/1/P2/1–4, which were taken by the same photographer, and are the same size.
        Photographer: Thomas Photos, 1 Collinwood Close, Headington, Oxford.
        Size: 240 by 290 mm.

UC:P209/P1/15    n.d.
        Photograph of an engraving showing the demolition of Deep Hall (where Robert Boyle was once a tenant) in 1809.
        Photographer: Unknown.
        Size: 100 by 75 mm.

UC:P209/P1/16    n.d.
        Photograph of an engraving of a bird’s-eye view of University College by Edward New, 1915.
        Photographer: Unknown.
        Size: 70 by 100 mm.

UC:P209/P1/17    n.d.
        Sepia photograph of an engraving of the High Street facade of University College as seen from the north-west.
        Photographer: Unknown.
        Size: 150 by 100 mm.

UC:P209/P1/18    n.d.
        Photograph of MS Bodl. 13 fol. 10v, showing Bereblock’s depiction of University College in 1566.
        Photographer: The Bodleian Library.
        Size: 215 by 165 mm.

UC:P209/P1/19–21    n.d.
        Three colour postcards of three of the windows in the Chapel, showing respectively Adam and Eve after the Fall, Abraham and Isaac, and Elijah and Elisha.
        Photographer: Thomas Photos
        Size: 150 by 105 mm.

UC:P209/P1/22    n.d.
        Photograph of the design for the 1735 Oxford Almanack, showing University College in the background, and its benefactors, including King Alfred, in the foreground.
        Photographer: Unknown.
        Size: 80 by 90 mm.

UC:P209/P1/23    n.d. (1940s?)
        Photograph of the old College seal. A note on the back suggests that it was made for H. Clifford Smith, and may have been connected with his work on the College’s artefacts in the 1940s.
        Photographer: J. R. H. Weaver, President of Trinity College.
        Size: 135 by 80 mm.

UC:P209/P1/24    n.d. (early 20th cent.?)
        Coloured postcard of Field Place, Sussex, birthplace of Percy Shelley.
        Photographer: Unknown.
        Size: 90 by 140 mm.

UC:P209/P1/25    n.d.
        Photograph of a horse-drawn coach parked outside the front gate of University College, with a group of undergraduates sitting on it. A note on the back says that it depicts the Univ. Bees (a cricket team) going off to play Wallingford in 1905.
        Photographer: Studio Edmark.
        Size: 195 by 255 mm.

UC:P209/P1/26    n.d.
        Photograph of that part of David Loggan’s map of Oxford, drawn for his Oxonia Illustrata of 1675, which shows University College.
        Photographer: Unknown.
        Size: 250 by 205 mm.


UC:P209/P2/1–4    n.d. (1862?)
        Four photographs of views of University College, carte-de-visite size, showing the following views:
        P2/1: The interior of the Chapel, facing west. This shows some of the old extra stalls in place, as well as a harmonium and a stone lectern.
        P2/2: The interior of the Hall, facing east. Part of Keene’s plaster roof can be seen.
        P2/3: The interior of the Library, facing west towards the statues of Lord Eldon and Lord Stowell.
        P2/4: Detail of the statues of Lord Eldon and Lord Stowell.
        Size: All 105 by 65 mm.
        The photographs were taken by A. J. Millar, and are undated. However, many of the modern reprints below identify these pictures as taken from a “Film Q”, and date them to 1862, presumably based on outside research.

UC:P209/P2/5–8    n.d.
        Four modern copies of P2/1, based on a photograph of the old photo.
        Size: 120 by 80 mm (P2/5–7), 245 by 150 mm (P2/8).

UC:P209/P2/9–12    n.d.
        Four modern copies of P2/2, based on a photograph of the old photo.
        Size: 120 by 80 mm (P2/9–11), 245 by 150 mm (P2/12).

UC:P209/P2/13    n.d.
        Modern copy of P2/3, based on a photograph of the old photo.
        Size: 120 by 80 mm.

UC:P209/P2/14–16    n.d.
        Three modern copies of P2/4, based on a photograph of the old photo.
        Size: 120 by 80 mm (P2/14–15), 245 by 150 mm (P2/16).