Photographs of Masters and College Servants

These two photographs were given to the archives in October 2001 as Accession No. 288, by the family of the late Bernard Grundy, former College Butler, and catalogued in October 2001.

UC:P179/P1/1    May 1949
        Photograph of John Wild when Master, with several College pensioners. The photograph is reproduced in the 1948/9 issue of the University College Record. The servants are identified there as follows:
        Back Row: F. King (1876–aft. 1949; Gardener 1894–1946), James Lewis Bensley (1871–1960; Bedmaker 1904–37); George “Polly” King (1865–1951; Groundsman 1889–1935), Fred Bickerton (1879–1955; Head Porter 1897–1950), William Bateson (1873–1958; servant 1887–1955))
        Front Row: William Bancalari (1869–1960; servant 1893–1935), Philip Gardner (1862–1951; Messenger 1876–1929), John Wild, A. J. Herbert (1865–1950; College chef 1906–37) and F. Hiscock (1866–aft. 1949; SCR 1908–32).

UC:P179/P1/2    Summer 1962
        Photograph of Arthur Goodhart when Master, with ten several long-serving College servants. This photograph was taken to record the fact that the ten had between them served the College for 455 years. An article about the photograph, with an interview with the servants, was published in the Oxford Times in Trinity Term 1962. The servants are as follows;
        Back Row: Archibald Beesley (b. 1891/2), in service for 43 years; Gilbert Morse (1906/7–1990; servant 1922–1972), in service for 42 years; Randolf (Tom) O. Adams (1893/4–1982), in service for 43 years; Herbert (Bert) A. Cummins (1890/1–1983; servant 1919–69), in service for 43 years; Leslie Blencowe (1903–1968; servant 1918–1966), in service for 44 years; and George Mobey (1887/8–1964; servant 1920–64), in service for 42 years.
        Front Row: George Milward (1907/8–1979; servant 1922–78), in service for 40 years; Edward (Ted) A. Heath (1884–1966; servant 1900–63), in service for 60 years; Arthur Goodhart, John H. Wilkins (b. 1891/2), in service for 56 years; Ted Cox (1900–1964; servant 1921–64), in service for 42 years.