Photograph of the University College Essay Society, 1879

This photograph and accompanying material, were found in the Archives in1993. The letter accompanying it shows that they had been sent to the College in March 1937 by R.C. Barkworth, the son of John Edward Barkworth, one of the members of the Society, who had matriculated in 1877, and died in 1929.

There is no other evidence for the existence of the University College Essay Society apart from this photograph.

Catalogued in June1999.

UC:P116/P1/1    Feb 1879
    Photograph of eleven members of the University College Essay Society.

UC:P116/MS1/1    n.d. (19th cent.?)
    Note by J.E. Barkworth, identifying the members of the Society on the photograph. They are: Francis Cornwallis Conybeare, President (matr. 1876), J.E. Barkworth himself, George Stapylton Barnes (matr. 1876), Stopford William Wentworth Brooke (matr. 1877), Herbert Francis Fox (matr. 1877), Thomas Wright Haddon (matr. 1876), Theodore Stephen Hubbard (matr. 1877), Thomas Arrowsmith Meates (matr. 1876), Francis Plumptre Osmaston (matr. 1876), William Roger Paton (matr. 1876) and John Sargeaunt (matr. 1876)

UC:P116/C1/1    29 Mar 1937
    Letter from R.C. Barkworth, son of F.E. Barkworth, to the Master of University College (A.B. Poynton) enclosing the above photo and note.