Photograph Album of an OUDS production, 1899

This album was discovered in a cupboard in the Master’s Lodgings and transferred to the archives in October 1997 as Accession Number 45. Nothing is known of its provenance, or how it came to end up in the Masters’ Lodgings.

Only one member of the cast came from University College, namely W.G. Wickham (matr. 1896), who only played one of the attendants of Theseus, but there is nothing to suggest that the book came to the College thanks to him.

Catalogued in November 1997.

UC:P74/P1/1    1899
        Photograph album containing pictures taken of an OUDS production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. UC:P74/X1/1 below shows that the play was produced in the New Theatre in Oxford, but these pictures were all taken in the open air, either for a summer production later in the year, or else were specially staged for the album.

UC:P74/P1/2    1899
        Photograph of a man dressed in theatrical costume, found in P1/1 above. His identity is unknown, and the costume is unrelated to anything in the above album.

UC:P74/X1/1    Feb 1899
        Programme for the production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the New Theatre, Oxford. All the male actors came from Colleges; the female actors appear to have been professionals.