Photograph Album of John Horsfall (matr. 1859)

This album was given to the College in 1978 by the executor of Horsfall’s last surviving daughter, and transferred to the Archives in February 2001 as Accession No. 258.

John Horsfall had been to Marlborough College, and matriculated at University College in October 1859. He was the eldest son of Abraham Horsfall of Leeds, Esq., and was 19 when he matriculated. His album is contemporary with that of John Hill (UC:P4/P/1), and indeed both albums contain several of the same photographs, but Horsfall’s also has a large quantity of printed ephemera and letters. Horsfall began to keep this album when he came up to University College, but continued inserting cuttings and notes relating to the College and its members until 1903. This album therefore is of great importance for the history of University College and its members in the second half of the 19th century.

Catalogued in February 2001.

UC:P167/P1/1    1859-1903
    Photograph album and scrapbook of John Horsfall, with contents as follows. Pages are blank unless otherwise indicated.
        fol. 1: photos of Horsfall as an undergraduate, and in later years; also documents on his being punished in 1861 for missing chapel, and in 1860 having a dog in College (with a sketch of his dog, “Toby”).
        fol. 1v: photograph of the interior of the Hall of University College, facing east.
        fols. 2-3: photographs of the exterior of University College.
        fol. 4: engraving of Percy Shelley.
        fol. 4v: cutting and picture of King Alfred.
        fol. 5: photograph of F.C. Plumptre, Master of University College 1836-1870.
        fols. 5v & 6v: text of satirical poem, “Alfred’s Avatar”, by Richard Crawley (matr. 1861). The poem is dated 1864, and seems to have been written in the book  as an afterthought. It contains references to many Fellows of the College, and has been printed in the University College Record, 1983, pp. 275-9.
        fol. 6: photograph (with autograph) of William Hedley (Fellow 1844-1863). These notes include details of his later career. Several of these photographs of Fellows are also included in UC:O1/P1/1 (the SCR photograph album).
        fol. 7: ditto of William Bright (Fellow 1847-1869).
        fols. 7v-8: ditto of Peter Goldsmith Medd (Fellow 1852-1877), as well as a satirical epigram on him by Richard Crawley.
        fols. 8v-9: ditto of Charles Stuart Parker (Fellow 1854-1870).
        fols. 9v-10: ditto of Charles Musgrave Bull(Fellow 1853-1866).
        fols. 10v-11: ditto on Basil Tickell Jones (Fellow 1851–7).
        fol. 11v-12: cuttings on and pictures of George William Kitchin, Dean Liddell of Christ Church, and the Prince of Wales (later Edward VII), who matriculated at Christ Church in 1859.
        fols. 12v-13: photographs and notes on Henry St. John Reade (matr. 1858), Henry Sewell (matr. 1858), Arthur Duncombe (matr. 1858) and John William Teale (matr. 1856), undergraduate contemporaries of Horsfall. For these, and the following undergraduates, Horsfall usually notes their schools, their College nicknames, and details of their later lives.
        13v-14: photographs and notes on William Selby Church (matr. 1856), Ashley Carr Glyn (matr. 1858), Henry Brassey (matr. 1859), James Nevill McQueen (matr. 1857) and Charles William Egginton (matr. 1857). Inserted into this opening is a photograph of the Univ. Four of 1860 (J.D. Strong, J.N. McQueen, T. Atkinson [Thomas Atkinson (matr. 1858), George Atkinson [matr. 1856], and Edward Harrison [cox] [Edward Lake Harrison (matr .1859]).
        fols. 14v-15: ditto on Thomas Atkinson, John Monsey Collyer (matr. 1859), John Etherington Smith (matr. 1859) and Edward David Thomas (matr. 1858).
        fols. 15v-16: ditto on Robert Grant Lindsay (matr. 1858), George Harris Hodgson (matr. 1858), Randolph Mainwaring (matr. 1858) and John Hill (matr. 1859). There is a note by Hill’s photograph that it was taken by “Miller”, of High Street.
        fols. 16v-17: ditto on Robert Burton Poole (matr. 1859), Walter Barnard Byles (matr. 1859), Charles Norris Gray  (matr. 1859) and John Augustus Mundy  (matr. 1860).
        fols. 17v-18: ditto on Cecil Escourt Benyon Watson  (matr. 1859), Charles Henry  Kennard (matr. 1859) and William Jenkins  (matr. 1860).
        fols. 18v-19: ditto on Maurice Barnard Byles (matr. 1860), Herbert Wigram (matr. 1860), Edward Stopford Thompson (matr. 1861), Richard Arthur Seymour  (matr. 1862) and Albert Eden Seymour (matr. 1860).
        fols. 19v-20: ditto on John Hill (matr. 1859), Charles Forster (matr. 1860), Horsfall himself, and Francis Lowry Lightfoot (matr. 1860).
        fols. 20v-21: ditto on Francis Hume Kelly  (matr. 1859), Albert Eden Seymour and Charles Frederick Wood (matr. 1860).
        fols. 21v-22: ditto on Richard Crawley (matr. 1861), John Douglas Walker (matr. 1860), John Henry Forster (matr. 1861), William Henry Haig (matr. 1860), and William Glaister (matr. 1860).
        fols. 22v-23: ditto on Thomas William Gribble (matr. 1860), James Philip Durell (matr. 1860), Arthur Johnson Breeks Atkinson (matr. 1861), James Edward Parker (matr. 1861), Charles Bill  (matr. 1861) and “Toby” (Horsfall’s pet dog).
        fols. 23v-24: ditto on Maitland Kelly (matr. 1861), Cyril Fitzroy Wilson (matr. 1860), Spencer Fairthorne Arthur Smith  (matr. 1861) and Charles Bill (matr. 1861).
        fols. 24v-25: ditto on Albert Brassey (matr. 1862), Richard Hart Davis (matr. 1862), Edward Charles Maltby  (matr. 1862) and William Charles Boden Elwell (matr. 1862).
        fols. 25v-26: ditto on George Herbert Lightfoot  (matr. 1863) and Philip Green (matr. 1862).
        fols. 26v-27: ditto on Arthur McGill [recte Makgill] (matr. 1861), Richard Arthur Seymour (matr. 1862), Charles Norris Gray  (matr. 1859) and John Forster,  (matr. 1861) as well as cuttings on Edward Carr Glyn (matr. 1862).
        fols. 27v-28: ditto on John Etherington Smith (matr. 1859), Francis Lowry Lightfoot (matr. 1860), Charles Frederick Wood  (matr. 1860) and Richard Arthur Seymour (matr. 1862).
        fol. 29: photograph of John Hill  (matr. 1859) on his horse, “Bloomer”, taken in Holford’s Yard in 1862.
        fols. 29v-30: photographs of John Hill (matr. 1859), Charles Forster (matr. 1860), Francis Lowry Lightfoot  (matr. 1860) and Horsfall himself, all on their horses, with a photograph of a meet of the South Oxfordshire Hunt at Tetsworth in 1860.
        fols. 30v-31: photographs and notes (as above) on Philip James Digby Wykeham, Charles Ashton and Horatio Charles Maurice (all of Exeter College), and of Charles William Spencer Stanhope (of Merton College).
        fols. 31v-32: ditto on Francis Greaves Hodgson (of Exeter College), James Tompkinson (of Balliol College), Hinton Best Jenkins (of Pembroke College) and Augustus Beauchamp Northcote (of Queen’s College).
        fols. 32v-33: ditto on Robert Hawthorne Collins (of Balliol, then Lincoln College), William Edmond Heap (of Brasenose College), William Henry Phillips Jenkins (of Merton College) and Reginald Ames (of University College [matr. 1863]).
        fols. 33v-34: ditto on Robert George Livingstone (of Oriel College), Charles Henry Butterworth (of Trinity College), James Douglas Clephane Wickham (of Exeter College), and Robert Hawthorn Collins (of Balliol, then Lincoln College).
        fols. 34v-35: ditto on Courteny Peregrine Ilbert (of Balliol College) and John Monsey Collyer (of University College [matr. 1859]).
        fol. 36: photograph of the team who won the Ladies’ Plate at Henley in 1862 (members J. Forster, F. Hume Kelly, C.N, Gray, J.M. Collyer, J.E. Parker, A.E. Seymour, Gordon Robertson, A. McGill, and W. Glaister [cox]). Pasted into this opening is a photograph of another rowing team, occasion unspecified (members J.P. Durrell, W.H. Haig, F. Hume Kelly, M.B. Byles, A. McGill, A.E. Seymour, J.E. Parker, J. Forster and W. Glaister [cox]).
        fol. 37: photograph of the University fours of 1862 (members F. Hume Kelly, J. Forster, A.E. Seymour, J.E. Parker and W. Glaister).
        fol. 38: photograph of a College rowing team, dated 1863 (members J.H. Forster, J.M. Collyer, R. Seymour, F. Hume Kelly, J.E. Smith, J.E. Parker, Albert Brassey, A.E. Seymour and W. Glaister).
        fol. 39: photograph of the College Eight of 1862, taken in the College barge (members J.E. Parker, F. Hume Kelly, A. McGill, J.H. Forster, A. E. Seymour. T.W. Gribble, C.N. Gray, J.M. Collyer and Gordon Robertson). Another copy of this print is in UC:O4/P1/1, the College Boat Club’s earliest photograph album.
        fol. 39v: photographs of George Rolleston, William Swan (of Queen’s College) and John Charles Galton (of Exeter College).
        fols. 40v-41: photographs of F. Lowry Lightfoot and John Hill. An article on Hill, with picture, from Baily’s Magazine, of June 1896, is included in this opening.
        fol. 41v: photographs of C.N. Gray and John A. Mundy.
        fol. 42: letter from C.J. Faulkner and press cutting on the results of the general election of 1879 in Oxford.
        fols. 42v-43: photograph and newscuttings on George Granville Bradley, Headmaster of Marlborough (Horsfall’s old school) and Master of University College 1870-1881. The cuttings supply important evidence for the state of the College during his Mastership.
        fol. 44: photograph and notes on James Franck Bright, Master of University College, 1881-1906.
        fols. 44v-45: newspaper cuttings and sports cards for Athletic competitions held by University College in 1861, 1862 and 1863. Horsfall has noted the names of winners in each event.
        fols. 45v-46: Horsfall’s certificates for matriculating and for passing exams, 1859-1863.
        fols. 47v-48: race cards for three steeple chases held in 1863, one of them the “University College Annual Steeple Chase”, in which Horsfall participated, winning one event. There are also cuttings on Sir Charles Forster.
        fols. 48v-49: Horsfall’s copies of a printed list of books to be read by candidates for University College (dated 21 Dec 1855), and a printed list of College regulations (dated 21 Jan 1854).
        fol. 50: photograph of Rev. Canon Robinson Duckworth.
        fol. 51: caricature of Professor Waldemar Mansell; enclosed loose is an engraving of Panton Hall near Wragby.
        fols. 51v-52: papers relating to University College’s Millenary Dinner of 1872 (attended by Horsfall), including a menu, an entrance ticket, and newspaper cuttings.
        fol. 52v: letter from Master Plumptre to Horsfall, dated 23 Sept 1862, permitting him to return early to College.
        fol. 53: cutting from an unnamed newspaper recording the death of Charlie Symonds, who ran a livery stable in Holywell Street (no doubt used by Horsfall and his friends).
        fol. 53v: invitation to the University College “Sixties” Dinner of 1892. The “Sixties” dinner was a dining club for men who had been in residence at University College in 1860-1875.
        fol. 54v: cutting from an unnamed newspaper, dated Oct 1897, concerning the death of Rev. John S. Thomas, bursar of Marlborough College.
        fol. 55: cuttings concerning Sir Griffith Humphrey Pugh Evans and Harry Arthur Clifton, and a photograph of an unnamed man.
        fol. 55v: two cuttings concerning the boat race.
        fol. 56: copy of a short epigram by Waldemar Mansell.

UC:P167/C1/1    Feb 1978
        Correspondence concerning the donation of the Horsfall album at University College.