Photograph Album of Frederick Charles Mills (1848–1938)

Frederick Charles Mills (1848–1938) came up to University College in 1867, the fourth son of John Robert Mills of York. He had been educated at Harrow. At Oxford he read Classics, getting a Second in his Finals in 1871. Nothing is known of his later life.

This album was acquired by the College from an Oxford dealer in January 2013 and passed to the archives as Accession No. 1044. The dealers had themselves acquired the album from a dealer based in London, and nothing more is known about its earlier provenance.

The album, like other such albums from this period, contains a mixture of photographs of Mills’s friends and relations, and of buildings and views of landscapes. There are several good photographs of University College, as well as of other Colleges, and of places where Mills presumably went on holiday. Most of the undergraduates photographed here were at University College; of those from other Colleges, almost of them appear to have been Mills’s contemporaries at Harrow. In the latter case, Mills seems to have taken care to put a photograph of a College on the left-hand side of an opening, and then photographs of his friends at the relevant College on the right-hand side. There is also an unusual photograph taken of Eights Week in 1870.

Catalogued in January 2013.


UC:P296/P1/1    1869–71
    Photograph album of Frederick Charles Mills. The album lacks front and back covers, and any indication of ownership, but the sitters on fol. 1 make it highly likely that it was assembled by Mills. The items in UC:P296/P2 were found loose in it. The album contains the following images:
    Fol. 1: Five photographs of individuals, identified as J. Mills, W. Mills, J. R. Mills, H. J. Mills, and A. A. Mills. The sitters appear to be Mills’s father, two brothers, and sister.
    Fol. 1v: Photograph of Salisbury Cathedral.
    Fol. 2: Photographs of an unidentified man, an unidentified woman, and of Stonehenge.
    Fol. 2v: Two photographs, captions “Grasmere from Red Bank [illegible word] Grasmere” and “Rigdal Westmoreland”.
    Fol. 3: Photographs of four undergraduates, each signed by their subjects thus: “S. R. Osborne”, “J. Shelley”, “H. Vaughan”, and “E. L. Holland”. The sitters are Sydney Osborne (matr. 1867), John Shelley (matr. 1867), Henry Vaughan (matr. 1867), and Edward Holland (matr. 1867).
    Fol. 3v: Photograph of University College seen from the High Street looking eastwards.
    Fol. 4: Five photographs of six undergraduates. Four are signed by their subjects thus: “E. L Holland” (with a note added “died 1929"), “H. C. Sturges” (with a note address “ob. 31.1.1900"), “E. L. Elwes”, and “P. A. Scratchley”, and the fifth is captioned by Mills “H. Vaughan S. R. Osborne Univ. Coll.” The sitters are Edward Holland (matr. 1867), Herbert Sturges (matr. 1868), Edward Elwes (matr. 1867), Philip Scratchley (matr. 1867), Henry Vaughan (matr. 1867), and Sydney Osborne (matr. 1867).
    Fol. 4v: Photograph captioned “View from Magdalen Tower - Oxford”, looking towards Merton College and Christ Church.
    Fol. 5: Photograph captioned “Oxford from Magdalen Tower”, looking along the High Street towards the churches of St. Mary the Virgin and All Saints.
    Fol. 5v: blank.
    Fol. 6: Photograph captioned “The gateway of Magd: Coll: Oxford”, showing the gate erected there in the 1840s by A. W. N. Pugin (and demolished in the 1880s).
    Fol. 6v: Photograph captioned “Shanklin Chine: Isle of Wight. 1869.”
    Fol. 7: Three photographs, captioned as follows: “Mrs. Theobald”, “Rev. C. Theobald” (with a note added “died 1929 aet 99"), and “Chale Rectory, Isle of Wight”. C. Theobald is Charles Theobald, matr. Trinity College, Oxford, in 1849, who was rector of Chale in 1862–83.
    Fol. 7v: Photograph captioned: “The Land’s End. visited 1869".
    Fol. 8: Four group photographs, all uncaptioned. One is of a football team, two of cricket teams, and the fourth is of a group posed indoors. It is not clear whether any of these groups were photographed at University College.
    Fol. 8v: Photograph captioned “The Cloisters. Magdalen College. Oxford”. This shows the Founder’s Tower there.
    Fol. 9: Photographs of five undergraduates, as follows: “W. G. Robinson”, “W. C. Eaton”, “G. T. Gilpin Brown”, “R. G. De V. Thomas”, and E. Pelham”. Brown and Thomas signed their own captions. The sitters are William Grey Robinson (matr. Magdalen 1865), William Cheetham Eaton (matr. Magdalen 1865), George Thomas Gilpin Brown (matr. Magdalen 1865), Richard Gerard de Visme Thomas (matr. Magdalen 1867), and Sidney Pelham (matr. Magdalen 1868).
    Fol. 9v: Photograph captioned “The new buildings & “Fellows Quadrangle”. University College, Oxford”. This is a view of the Fellows’ Garden looking north, showing the site of the Shelley Memorial.
    Fol. 10: Photographs of five undergraduates, captioned as follows: “J. F. Clerk 1870", “H. C. Sturges”, “G. A. Holme”, “R. S. Faber 1868" (with a note added “died 1908"), and “H. Bidder”. All but Sturges have signed their photographs. The sitters are John Clerk (matr. 1867), Herbert Sturges (matr. 1868), George Holme (matr. 1867), Reginald Faber (matr. 1867), and Henry Bidder (matr. 1867).
    Fol. 10v: Two photographs of University College. One shows the New Building as seen from the High Street, and a view of the side of the Main Quadrangle seen from the Fellows’ Garden looking towards the Library. This shows the end of the Hall before its expansion in 1904.
    Fol. 11: Photograph titled “University College group. May 1869". No names are given.
    Fol. 11v: Photograph captioned “Trinity Coll: Oxford”. It shows the Garden Quadrangle of Trinity College looking westwards.
    Fol. 12: Photographs of five undergraduates, captioned as follows: “Graham T. Smith (Trin. Oxon.)”, “J. H. Ayre (Trin. Oxon)”, “T. G. S. Mahon”, “J. H. Hyde” [?] (with a note added “died Novr 22 1872"), and “J. R. E. Sumner”. All but Smith and Hyde have sighed their own photographs. The sitters are Graham Thomas Smith (matr. Trinity 1869), Joseph Henry Ayre (matr. Exeter 1868; then Scholar of Trinity from 1869), Thomas George Stacpole Mahon (matr. Trinity 1867),  and John Robert Edwards Sumner (matr. Trinity 1869). Hyde is currently unidentifiable.
    Fol. 12v: Photograph captioned “University College Library”. This shows the interior of still new Library of the College facing west, towards the statues of Lords Eldon and Stowell.
    Fol. 13: Four photographs of undergraduates, captioned as follows: “C. F. Fellows”, “Arthur G. Lee”, “A. G. Lee. C. L. Kennaway”, and “H. C. Sturges E. L. Elwes Alpine Climbers”. Only Lee appears to have signed his own photograph. The sitters are: Charles Fellows (matr. 1866), Arthur Lee (matr. 1868), Charles Kennaway (matr. 1866), Herbert Sturges (matr. 1868), and Edward Elwes (matr. 1867).
    Fol. 13v: Photograph captioned “Christ-church College. Oxford”. This is taken at the north end of St. Aldate’s looking downhill.
    Fol. 14: Photographs of two undergraduates, captioned “H. G. Watkins” and “T. A. F. Maitland.” Maitland has signed his photograph. The sitters are Henry George Watkins (matr. Christ Church 1867) and Thomas Archibald Fuller Maitland (matr. Christ Church 1868).
    Fol. 14v: Photograph captioned “The Masters Quadrangle, University College”. This shows part of Radcliffe Quadrangle, looking towards Staircase VII.
    Fol. 15: Six photographs of undergraduates, captioned “C. F. Fellows”, Hon J. C. H. Gordon”, “C. E. Brooke d 1911", “I. S. Leadam June 1870", F. J. Greenham 1867", and “G. O. Pardoe”. Leadam and Greenham have signed their own names. The sitters are: Charles Fellows (matr. 1866), John Gordon, later Marquess of Aberdeen and Temair (matr. 1867), Charles Brooke (matr. 1866), Isaac Leadam (matr. 1867), Frederick Greenham (matr. 1867), and George Pardoe (matr. 1868).
    Fol. 15v: Photograph captioned “The Martyrs Memorial & Balliol College Oxford”. The photograph is taken standing to the west of the Memorial looking towards Balliol.
    Fol. 16: Photographs of five undergraduates, captioned “T. Godolphin Rooper (with a note added “Died 1905", “B. Bosanquet”, “T. G. Tatton”, “J. R. Graham and Garry” (the letter being his pet dog), and “C. B. Heberden”. Rooper has signed his own photograph. The sitters are: Thomas Godolphin Rooper (matr. Balliol 1866), Bernard Bosanquet (matr. Balliol 1867; Fellow of University College 1870–84), Robert Gray Tatton (matr. Balliol 1867), Rutherford James Graham (matr. Balliol, 1868), and Charles Buller Heberden (matr. Balliol 1868).
    Fol. 16v: Photograph captioned “‘The Eights’. May 1870.” This is a photograph taken from Folly Bridge which shows the eights in action on the river. Several barges are visible.
    Fol. 17: Photograph captioned “University College Group. June 1870" No names are given, but another copies of this print can be found at UC:P252/P12/1 fol. 14, where all the names are given. Another photograph, at UC:P211/P1/1 fol. 7v, was taken on the same occasion, but slightly differs from this image.
    Fol. 17v: Three photographs, captioned thus: “Lannion Brelevenez from the Plouaret road”, “Bridge at the Guer, Lannion”, and “Lannion in Brittany - 1870". On the last photo Mills has indicated where the Hotel de France was situated (see fol. 18 below).
    Fol. 18: Group photograph captioned “Oxford reading Party at Hotel de France 1871". Presumably this was the Hotel de France at Lannion in Brittany, indicated on fol. 17v. The sitters are named as “Hon. F. A. R. Russell Ch: Ch:”: (Francis Albert Rollo Russell, matr. Christ Church 1868), “G. A. Holme Univ.” (George Home, matr. 1867), “A. G. Rickards BNC” (Arthur George Rickards, matr. Brasenose 1867), “S. H. Woodhouse Univ” (Samuel Woodhouse, matr. 1867), “Bickersteth Ch: Ch:” (John Joseph Bickersteth, matr. Christ Church 1869), “I. S. Leadam Univ.” (Isaac Leadam, matr. 1867), “J. Hodgson Univ.” (James Hodgson, matr. 1866), “S. R. Osborne Univ.” (Sydney Osborne, matr. 1867), “R. Bickersteth Ch: Ch:” (probably Robert Bickersteth, matr. Corpus Christi 1865), and “Bruce”.
        It is not clear who ran this reading party: for example, almost none of the undergraduates outside University College in this group went to Harrow.
    Fol. 18v: Photograph of a caricature of a cleric titled “Ecclesiastical History”. This almost certainly depicts William Bright (matr. 1843; Fellow 1847–69), who was appointed Regius Professor Ecclesiastical History in 1868.
    Fol. 19: Photograph of a cartoon with the caption: “Lent Term 1868. “During a sitting of Common Room the Rev. Jas. Lee-Warner a recently elected Fellow becoming very excited threatened to throw up his Fellowship”. History of Univ: Coll:” The drawing shows a suitably excited Lee-Warner and perplexed Master (Frederick Plumptre). Four other Fellows are depicted - three appear to be of recognisable individuals, but they are not identified. The circumstances which aroused Lee-Warner in this way are not recorded in any College sources.
    Fol. 19v: Photograph of three undergraduates sitting around a table with a tankard  in the open air, possibly in the Fellows’ Garden. They are identified as “S. R. Osborne, H. Vaughan, H. Sturges”. Sturges has a dog on his lap. The sitters are Sydney Osborne (matr. 1867), Henry Vaughan (matr. 1867), and Herbert Sturges (matr. 1868). See also photograph (2) on Fol. 20 below.
    Fol. 20: Four photographs of undergraduates as follows:
    (1) Group photograph of six undergraduates, captioned “FCM, E. L. Elwes, Sturges, H. Vaughan, E. L. Holland, A. Lee”. “FCM” is Mills himself. The other sitters are Edward Elwes (matr. 1867), Herbert Sturges (matr. 1868), Henry Vaughan (matr. 1867), Edward Holland (matr. 1867), and Arthur Lee (matr. 1868).
    (2) Photograph of three undergraduates captioned “Elwes Vaughan Sturges”. This was taken in exactly the same setting and at the same time as the photo in Fol. 19v, not least because Vaughan and Sturges are wearing the same clothes, and Sturges still has his dog. The sitters are Edward Elwes (matr. 1867), Henry Vaughan (matr. 1867), and Herbert Sturges (matr. 1868).
    (3) Photograph of an undergraduate captioned “E. Sutton”. This is Edward Sutton (matr. 1869).
    (4) Photograph of an undergraduate captioned “W. B. Ingham 1876". This is William Bairstow Ingham (matr. 1869; apparently eaten by cannibals in New Guinea in 1878—see University College Record 1928/9 pp. 5–6).
    Fol. 20v: Photograph captioned “The Head of Windermere Lake 1871".
    Fol. 21: Photograph captioned “Skelwith Force [near Ambleside] on R. Brathay”.
    Fol. 21v: Photograph of a painting or print captioned “The Eights 1871". Mills has indicated the University College, Balliol and Exeter crews. This was a year when University College went Head of the River.
    Fol. 22: Photographs of four undergraduates, captioned “S. H. Woodhouse”, “G. F. Boyd”, “Francis H. Wilson”, and “W. T. Langford”. Woodhouse and Wilson have signed their names. The sitters are: Samuel Woodhouse (matr. 1867), George Boyd (matr. 1868), Francis Wilson (matr. 1866), and William Langford (matr. 1866).
    Fol. 22v: Two photographs, captioned as follows: “Middle Lake Killarney with the Torc Mountain in front and Mangerton Mt behind”, and “Lower Lake, Killarney - Glena Bay. - 1871.”
    Fol. 23. Three photographs, captioned as follows: “Mucross Abbey”, “Holycross Abbey”, and “Rock of Cashel - Tipperary, Ireland.”
    Fol. 23v: [blank]
    Fol. 24: Photograph of seven undergraduates (and two dogs) leaning out of or sitting beside a first floor window which is that of 43 High Street, Oxford. The ground floor was occupied by C. Bacon, who traded as a bookbinder and bookseller. The undergraduates are named as “Boyd”, “Vaughan”, “Lee”, “R. Walters”, “Shelley”, “Faber”, and “Elwes”. They can be identified as: George Boyd (matr. 1868), Henry Vaughan (matr. 1867), Arthur Lee (matr. 1868), Radclyffe Walters (mater. 1867), John Shelley (matr. 1867), Reginald Faber (matr. 1867), and Edward Elwes (matr. 1867).
    Fol. 24v: Three photographs, captioned as follows: “Lucerne, with Mt. Pilatus in front”, “Interlaken. The Jungfrau in the distance”, and “Lake of Geneva showing the Castle of Chillon and the Dent du Midi”.
    Fol. 25: Photograph captioned “Valley of the Rhone - View from the Farcluz (Tête Noire)”.
    Fol. 25v: Photograph captioned “Church of North St. Philip Somerset”.
    Fol. 26: Five photographs of a clergyman, his wife and their three daughters, respectively captioned “Wm A. Wightman”, “Emily Wightman”, “E.H.M.W.”, “V.W.”, and “F.O.W.” According to the 1871 census, William Wightman was by now living in Yorkshire, and a canon of York Minster, with his wife Emily and his children who included his daughters Emily, Violet and Florence.
    Fols. 26v–27: [blank]
    Fol. 27v: Two photographs of landscapes, one of which is captioned “Easton, Wilts”.
    Fol. 28: Photographs of a woman and a clergyman, identified respectively as “Mrs. H. Vaughan” and “A. J. [sic?] Vaughan”.
    Fols. 28v–35v are all unused.


These items were all found in UC:P296/P1/1 above.

UC:P296/P2/1    1868
    Photographs of a cartoon titled “In consequence of the great favour shown in certain quarters towards athletic sports, the O.U.A.C. have decided on giving a prize for a Don’s Race, to be run for by H—ds of C—s”. The cartoon shows caricatures of seven heads of Colleges running in a race. The figure second from the left, distinguished by his height, is Frederick Plumptre, Master of University College.
    Size: 145 by 205 mm.

UC:P296/P2/2    n.d. (1860s–1870s?)
    Photograph of an unnamed man and woman, sitting outside on chairs, with a dog on the man’s lap. See also UC:P296/P2/3 below.
    Size: 120 by 180 mm.

UC:P296/P2/3    n.d. (1860s–1870s?)
    Photograph of the unnamed woman in UC:P296/P2/2 above, this time seen standing in front of a house with a horse.
    Size: 120 by 175 mm.

UC:P296/P2/4    n.d. (1860s–1870s?)
    Photograph of a large country house, with a man, woman and child standing in front of it. See also UC:P296/P2/5 below.
    Size: 190 by 250 mm.

UC:P296/P2/5    n.d. (1860s–1870s?)
    Photograph of the same man and boy seen in UC:P296/P2/4 above, with the boy sitting on a horse, and the man holding the horse’s reins.
    Size: 180 by 240 mm.

UC:P296/P2/6    n.d. (1860s–1870s?)
    Photograph of a newly dug but unidentified grave covered in flowers.
    Size: 150 by 200 mm.

UC:P296/P2/7    Mar 1900
    Printed leaflet (now in two sections) circulated to the parishioners of Bodenham on the death of their vicar, Herbert Sturges (matr. 1868), who had died on 31 January 1900. It contains messages from his widow and his brother, and a biographical notice, taken from the Guardian newspaper, written by Edward Elwes (matr. 1867).