Papers of William Carr (d. 1925)

William Carr matriculated at University College in 1882, and obtained a Second in History in 1886. In later years, he married one of the daughters of James Bright (Master of University College 1882–1906), and settled to a life as a country gentleman in Suffolk. He also became a man of letters, writing several entries for the "Dictionary of National Biography", but for present purposes his most important work was his history of University College published in 1902, the first full-length study since William Smith’s pioneering book of 1728. Carr died in 1925.

None of Carr’s working papers for his history of University College appear to have survived, but these documents, mainly relating to photographs taken for the book, were found in the archives during the stocktaking of 1993.

Catalogued in June 2002.

UC:P190/P1/1–7    1902
        Envelope (addressed to Carr) containing page proofs on glossy paper of seven photographs reproduced in Carr’s history:
        P1/1: The old Chapel, drawn by Antony Wood (reproduced opposite p. 66)
        P1/2: Old Library and Kitchen Staircase, seen from the Master’s Garden (reproduced opposite p. 130)
        P1/3: The Main Quadrangle (reproduced opposite p. 144)
        P1/4: Radcliffe Quadrangle (reproduced opposite p. 170)
        P1/5: A corner of the Hall, with its false ceiling by Keene still in place (reproduced opposite p. 188)
        P1/6: The High Street facade (reproduced opposite p. 204)
        P1/7: The interior of the Chapel (reproduced opposite p. 214)

UC:P190/P1/8–11    1901
        Letter to Carr, dated 18 Nov 1901 from H. Minn, enclosing three photographs of the College, and discussing his plans for taking more. P1/9–10 are original prints for P1/3–4 above; P1/11 is another view of Radcliffe Quadrangle which was not used in the book.