Papers of Sir Edwin Arnold (1832-1904)

Sir Edwin Arnold (1832-1904), the poet, journalist, and specialist in the Orient, matriculated from University College in 1850 (a summary of his life, which included a long tenure as the leader-writer for the "Daily Telegraph", may be found in the "Oxford Dictionary of National Biography"). His ashes were placed in an urn in the College Chapel.

This notebook was given to the archives of University College in August 1995 by an unknown donor.

Catalogued in December 1995.

UC:P43/MS/1                        1848-1881(?)
Notebook inscribed on the front cover Latin Verse, and Edwin Arnold, University College, Oxford, on the inside cover. It contains Latin verses by Arnold, almost all translations from English (the original poem is sometimes written alongside the Latin version). The range of poets used is wide, and a correspondingly varied range of Latin metres is used. Some pages have been cut out.
            Some of the pages are dated. Page 2 is dated 4 Oct 1848, p.30 to 11 Dec 1848, and p.94 to 28 Aug 1849. Page 178 has the title "Verses written at Kings College". Page 188 is dated May 1850, and p.216, p.244, and p.282 appear to be dated Jun 1880, Sep 1880 and Oct 1881, respectively, although Arnold's writing is not very clear, and this could be 1850 and 1851.
            A few poems appear not to be in Arnold's hand, but there is no means of identifying the writer.
            UC:P43/MS/2-3 were found in this book.

UC:P43/MS/2                        5 Apr 1902
Manuscript of a poem "A Queen's Kiss" by Edwin Arnold.

UC:P43/MS/3                        20 Dec 1907
Printed draft of proposed regulations for the Sir Edwin Arnold Memorial Scholarship at University College.