Papers relating to Sir Charles Barry (1795-1860)

These drawings came from a set from the office of the architect Sir Charles Barry compiled by his pupil G.P. Kennedy, which was broken up and sold in 1980.

The College then bought these four pages from the book. It seems that Kennedy erased most of the titles of the plans which he kept, but enough remains to show that the drawings in UC:P44 concern a University College.
    Sir Charles Barry had already had a connection with University College Oxford, in that he designed the New Buildings in the early 1840s (some accounts for this, but unfortunately no plans, survive elsewhere in the archives), and this collection of four drawings records an otherwise unknown plan for a new library for “University College”. There is, however, no evidence apart from these drawings that Barry ever submitted any designs for a new library for University College Oxford (whose library was, in any event, built by George Gilbert Scott), and they could related to plans for University College London—or even University College Durham. For want of any further evidence, the drawings remain here for now.

Catalogued in January 1996.

UC:P44/P/1                            c.1840-60?
        Page numbered "54", on which are four tracings. Two are an elevation and plan of a large building, apparently unconnected with the planned library, but the other two are an elevation of the library and what resembles a tombstone.

UC:P44/P/2                            c.1840-60?
        Page numbered "84", on which is a tracing with an elevation and section of the library.

UC:P44/P/3                            c.1840-60?
        Coloured anestatic print numbered "94", depicting a section through the library. The title has been partly obliterated, but the letters "]y College ...." can be deciphered.

UC:P44/P/4                            c.1840-60?
        Coloured anestatic print numbered "113", depicting a longitudinal section of the library, and labelled (and obliterated) in the same way as P/3.

UC:P44/MS/1                         Jul 1981
        Notes by Sir Howard Colvin on the preceding drawings, on which the introductory note was based.