Papers of Joshua Hoyle (Master 1648-54)

Joshua Hoyle had originally been linked with Magdalen Hall, but then from 1609 was a Fellow of Trinity College, Dublin, and Professor of Divinity there.

In 1641, he returned to England. His political and religious views must have been in sympathy with the Parliamentarians, because in 1648 he was appointed Master of University College in place of Thomas Walker, who had been sacked from this post by the Parliamentary Visitors. He appears to have had no previous links with the College.
    Hoyle remained as Master until his death in 1654. It seems that the College was in a poor state at this time, after the troubles of the Civil War, and there were major lawsuits arising from the benefactions of Charles Greenwood and Sir Simon Bennet. It is not known how welcome or otherwise Hoyle’s appointment was to the Fellows of the College.
    The only document in the Archives specifically concerning Hoyle is a list of documents which were found among his papers at his death. However see UC:S7 for some letters to Hoyle from John Elmhirst.

Catalogued in October 1996.

UC:MA27/MS1/1                                                                                            7 Mar 1654/5
List of documents which were found among the papers of Joshua Hoyle, former Master of University College, on his death, and which were handed over the to Fellows of the College.