Papers of John Yeldham (d. 2000)

John Lermitte Yeldham matriculated from University College in 1927, and later worked as a solicitor.

Of the following papers, UC:P38/C/1 was given to the Archives in November 1995; UC:P38/C/2 in May 1999 as Accession No. 146, and UC:P38/C/3 and UC:P38/X/1 in August 1999 as Accession No. 170.
    Recatalogued in August 1999.

UC:P38/C/1    23 Oct 1995
    Letter from John Yeldham with reminiscences of Sir Stephen Spender when he was an undergraduate of University College.

UC:P38/C/2    5 Dec 1998
    Letter from John Yeldham with reminiscences of his undergraduate years, including his work as an illustrator for a student magazine.

UC:P38/C/3    12 Jul 1999
    Letter from John Yeldham enclosing UC:P38/X/1 below, with some reminiscences of the occasion.

UC:P38/X/1    13 Mar 1928
    Dinner Menu for the Torpids Dinner, containing signatures and cartoons.