Papers on John Webster, College Organist (d. 1974)

John Webster became Organ Scholar of University College in 1936, and remained organist of the College until his death in 1974, playing a prominent role in the musical life of the College. He was also organist of the University Church, and organist to the University 1938-1965, and later joined the Professorial Staff at Trinity College of Music in London. The organ in the Chapel of University College was replaced during his term of office.

This scrapbook was compiled by Mary Wilson, wife of Harold Wilson, former Fellow of University College and later Prime Minister. Webster had played the organ at the Wilsons’ wedding at Mansfield College, and remained good friends with them.

    The album and photograph were given to the archives in July 1999 as Accession No. 165.

Catalogued in July 1999.

UC:P136/P1/1    1946
        Photograph of the Choir of the University Church in Hilary Term 1946, including Webster, and Percy Cox and Mr. Trollope, who both sang in University College Chapel for many years (in Cox’s case until the late 1980s). Another member of the choir was Dr. J.W. Barns, then the Lady Wallis Budge Fellow in Egyptology.

UC:P136/MS1/1    1960-1974
        Scrapbook compiled by Mary, Lady Wilson, about John Webster, mainly comprising newspaper cuttings with reviews of his concerts and records (some of which were recorded on the organ of University College).