Papers of James Gordon Stewart Macphail (d. 1986)

James Gordon Stewart Macphail was at University College between 1919 and 1922. This collection of receipts and batells which he ran up whilst an undergraduate was given to the college in 1984. Mr. Macphail originally had a larger collection of receipts (of which a list is given), but only these eight were found in the archives in summer 1993, along with some other papers. His reminiscences were also found in the archives in 1993; parts of them were published in the 1980 issue of the "University College Record", pp. 40-52.


    Each item in this collection was pinned together and labelled by Macphail.

UC:P30/F1/1    2 May 1919-11 Oct 1919
Weekly Batells and Termly Batell for Trinity Term 1919.

UC:P30/F1/2        17 Oct 1919-22 Oct 1920
Weekly and Termly Batells for Michaelmas Term 1919, and Hilary and Trinity Terms 1920.

UC:P30/F1/3    15 Oct 1920-22 Jan 1921
Weekly Batells and Termly Batell for Michaelmas Term 1920.

UC:P30/F1/4        21 Jan 1921-19 May 1921
Weekly Batells and Termly Batells for Hilary Term 1921.

UC:P30/F1/5    1 Nov 1921-12 May 1922
Termly Batells for Trinity and Michaelmas Terms 1921 and Hilary 1922.

    UC:P30/F2 - RECEIPTS

UC:P30/F2/1        24 Jan 1919-13 May 1922
Collection of eight receipts for James Macphail whilst an undergraduate. The bills are all for shoes.

UC:P30/F/2    1984
List of 83 receipts held by Macphail in 1984, eight of which are F1/1 above.


UC:P30/MS1/1    c.1980
Reminiscences by Macphail titled ‘Trinity Term - Oxford 1919', which described life at University College after the First World War (9 pages). These are reprinted almost complete in University College Record, Vol. VIII no. 1 (1980), 40–52.
            These include reminiscences of the Master (R.W. Macan), Kenneth Leys, Sir David Lindsay Keir and Rev. A.H. Johnson. Among undergraduates he remembers Digby Lawson, and among members of staff and the Porter Fred Bickerton. He discusses the arrangement of the Modern History course at the time, the daily routine of life and College accommodation.


UC:P30/X1/1    5 Nov 1921
Menu for a dinner of the Shakespeare Club, attended by Macphail.