Papers of Hugh Barham Carslake (d. 1943)

Hugh Barham Carslake (d. 1943) was at University College from 1893-1896. These documents were given to the College in March 1990 by his son John Carslake, who found them among his father's papers (and who himself came up to the College in 1925).

UC:P55/P/1            1895-1896
        Five pages from a photograph album kept by Hugh Barham Carslake. The pictures include some scenes of the river, and of Magdalen Bridge (with a horse-drawn tram going over it), various photos of a holiday in the Alps, two photographs of the whole college, and two rowing photos. The first, dated 1895, shows Torpids held at Sandford in 1895 (the only part of the river which was sufficiently free of ice for the competition to be held); the other is titled “The Frozen out Torpid 1896", and shows the Univ. crew sitting on the frozen Thames in front of the College barge.

UC:P55/X1/1          1896
        Printed list of members of the Gridiron Club for Summer Term 1896 (who included Carslake).

UC:P55/X1/2          Oct 1895
        Termcard for the University College Rugby Football Club for Michaelmas 1895, filled in to record the results of matches.

UC:P55/X1/3          5 Nov 1895
        Menu (signed by some of the participants) for a dinner held at the Lion Hotel, Cambridge, for the Rugby Clubs of University College and Clare College, Cambridge.

UC:P55/X1/4          29 May 1896
        Menu (signed by some of the participants) for a dinner held on the occasion of Fred Thomson’s birthday.

UC:P55/C/1            5 Mar 1990
        Photocopy of a letter from John Carslake enclosing the above documents, and explaining their history.