Papers of George Rowley (Master 1821-36)

George Rowley matriculated at University College in 1799, and became a Fellow there in 1807.

He was elected Master in 1821. Later, he became rector of Stanwich, Norfolk, in 1823, and was appointed Vice-Chancellor in 1832. He died in October 1836, a few days before his term of office was due to end. More information about Rowley’s Mastership can be found in Robin Darwall-Smith, A History of University College, Oxford (Oxford, 2008), pp. 342–51.

The most important of Rowley's papers is an account book kept by him when he was Vice-Chancellor.

Catalogued in January 1998.


UC:MA39/C1/1                                11 Jun 1828
Declaration from D. Eaton to the Master of University College that he will not take acceptances of bills from the members of the College, that his accounts will be available for inspection, and that he will not supply French or expensive wines to members.

UC:MA39/C1/2                                1 Oct 1829    
Note from Mr. Prest (address, Serthingham {?} Park, Tadcaster) to Dr. Rowley accompanying the gift of a brace of partridges, in gratitude for his grant of sporting rights.

UC:MA39/C1/3                                4 Sep 1830
Letter to the Master (Dr. Rowley) from Lord Stowell (address, Earley Court) about a gift of venison, and an offer of sending him a book.

    UC:MA39/MS1 - NOTES

UC:MA39/MS1/1                             1822-1836?
Bundle of miscellaneous notes on money and other matters, many indecipherable. Since they were found with C1/1-3 above, they are conjecturally listed under the papers of Master Rowley.


UC:MA39/F1/1                                1832-1837
Account Book kept by Rowley when he was Vice-Chancellor. The book was erroneously labelled in the later 19th century as being by F.C. Plumptre, but the date and the handwriting show that it was really Rowley's.