Papers of George Granville Bradley (Master 1870-81)

George Granville Bradley (1821-1903) matriculated from University College in 1840, and was elected a Fellow in 1844.

He resigned his Fellowship in 1850, following his marriage, and in 1858 became Headmaster of Marlborough. Bradley returned to University College in 1870, when he was elected to succeed F.C. Plumptre as Master in 1870.

Bradley saw himself as a reforming Master, and he did succeed in improving the academic standing of the College, although his headmasterly manner did not always go down well with Fellows or undergraduates. More on his Mastership can be found in Robin Darwall-Smith, A History of University College (Oxford, 2008), Chapter 16. The most notorious incident of his career was when in 1880, after a student prank involving A.S. Chavasse, the entire College was sent down (see UC:P45-UC:P46 for some papers on this, and an article by L.G. Mitchell about it in the 1996 University College Record). In 1881, on the death of A.P. Stanley, Bradley succeeded him as Dean of Westminster, where he remained until his retirement just before his death.

The only item in the Archives so far found about Bradley concerns not himself, but his daughter Edith.

Catalogued in September 1996.

UC:MA41/P1/1                              n.d. (1870s?)
Watercolour by Edith Marian Bradley, daughter of G.G. Bradley, of the Master’s Garden at University College.