Papers of George Godfrey Ewing (1910-76)

George Godfrey Ewing (1910–76) matriculated from University College in 1934, having taken his first degree at Melbourne University.

After going down from Oxford, he returned to Australia and entered his family’s law firm. He also collected a large number of books objets d’art, and furniture which he presented to the Presbyterian Ladies’ College, Burwood, Victoria, in memory of his mother, Ethel Godfrey Ewing, and asked that the collection be named in her memory.

During the sorting of this collection, a few documents were found which related to Ewing’s time at University College, and in particular some of his financial arrangements. These were sent to England by the Archivist of the Presbyterian Ladies’ College, and were transferred to the Archives in October 2005 as Accession 619.

Catalogued in October 2005.

UC:P238/F1/1–3    1 May–15 May 1936
        Three weekly Batells bills for Ewing for the weeks ending 1, 8 and 15 May 1936.

UC:P238/F1/4    Jun 1936
        Tailors’ bill for Ewing from H. J. Kelson and sons, 69 High Street, Oxford.

UC:P238/F1/5    23 Jul 1936
        End-of-term College bill for Ewing.

UC:P238/MS1/1    n.d.
        Copy of one of Ewing’s bookplates.

UC:P238/MS1/2    n.d.
        Note on the contents of the Ethel Godfrey Ewing Collection at the Presbyterian Ladies’ College, Burwood.