Papers of Frederick Charles Plumptre (Master 1836-70)

Frederick Charles Plumptre matriculated at University College in 1813, before being elected a Fellow in 1817.

He served as Bursar and Dean, before being elected as Master in 1836, on the death of George Rowley. He was also Vice-Chancellor.
    For all that Plumptre was not supportive of the university reforms of the 1850s, he nevertheless attracted some important reforming Fellows to the College, such as Arthur Stanley, John Conington and Goldwin Smith. Much building work took place during his Mastership, including the New Buildings, the Library, the Buttery, and the rebuilding of the Chapel.
    UC:MA40/C2/1–14 were transferred to the Archives from the Estates Bursary in 1995, and UC:MA40/N3/1–4 from there in August 2001 as part of Accession No. 275; all the other papers were found during the stocktaking of 1993: they mainly comprise some correspondence, some financial documents, some papers bearing witness to his interest in church building in the city of Oxford, and a circular on the dangers of undergraduate debt.
    Plumptre was a generous benefactor to his College; papers in UC:BE38 relate to gifts made under his will. For more on Plumptre's Mastership, see Robin Darwall-Smith, A History of University College, Oxford (Oxford, 2008), Chapters 15-16.

Recatalogued in September 2010.

The Plumptre papers are divided into the following series:

UC:MA40/C1     Miscellaneous correspondence

UC:MA40/C2     Further miscellaneous correspondence

UC:MA40F1      Plumptre's private account book

UC:MA40/F2     Papers found in Plumptre's account book

UC:MA40/L1     Papers on on the restoration of the church of St. Mary Magdalen, Oxford

UC:MA40/L2     Papers on the new church of St. Ebbe, Oxford

UC:MA40/L3     Papers on Holy Trinity Church, Oxford

UC:MA40/L4     Papers on the church of Headington Quarry

UC:MA40/MS1  Notes on members of the College

UC:MA40/N1     Circular

UC:MA40/N2     Pamphlets on Subscription

UC:MA30/N3     Documents concerning the Commissions of the 1850s


Because of the length of the complete catalogue, it has not been placed online. Instead, a pdf version of it may be consulted here.


A letter from Plumptre may be found at UC:P271.