Papers of Eric Hamilton (1890-1962)

Eric Hamilton (1890-1962) came up to University College in 1909. Hamilton had been an artist, but had had to come to Oxford to get a degree in order to become a clergyman. He later became Suffragan Bishop of Salisbury and Dean of Windsor.

While at Oxford, be bcame a good friend of another matriculad of 1909, namely Prince Felix Yusupov (1887-1967), best known today as the assassin of Rasputin. Apart from Hamilton making a portrait of Yusupov, the latter also invited Hamilton to visit him in Russia in 1910. Of the following papers, UC:P25/MS/1-2 were found in the College archives in summer 1993, having presumably been given by one of Hamilton’s descendants. UC:P25/MS/3 was given to the archives by one of Hamilton’s grandsons in October 2001 as Accession No. 293.

Recatalogued in October 2001.

UC:P25/MS/1    20 Aug-3 Oct 1910
        Photocopy of typed extracts from Eric Hamilton's diary of his journey to Russia, made by his son Michael Hamilton, who provided a brief introduction and conclusion. Hamilton visited St. Petersberg and Moscow, and was introduced to several members of the Russian aristocracy, all of which he describes.

UC:P25/MS/2    1956
        Photocopy of typescript titled Oxford and a glimpse of Russia, by Eric Hamilton, in which he retells the story of his friendship with Prince Yusupov as seen forty years later.

UC:P25/MS/3    1911
        Photocopy of a drawing of Yusupov made by Hamilton in Venice in 1911.