Papers of Desmond Cooper (1914-2001)

These papers were given to the archives by Desmond Cooper, who was at University College in 1932-1935. He was Secretary of the University College Musical Society in 1933/4, and its President in 1934/5.

The Musical Society had been founded in 1930, on the initiative of John Maud, a Fellow of the College (later Master), and his wife Jean, a concert pianist. UC:P95/C1/1 was given in January 1999 as Acc. No. 106, and UC:P95/C1/2 in February 1999 as Acc. No. 119.

Catalogued in February 1999.

UC:P95/C1/1    10 Jan 1999
        Letter from Desmond Cooper with reminiscences on the early history of the Musical Society, with extract from his diary about some of its concerts in 1933.

UC:P95/C1/2    28 Jan 1999
        Another letter with Desmond Cooper, with more reminiscences, and  diary extracts, about the Musical Society and its concerts from 1933-1935.