Papers of David James Strawbridge (1920-2012)

Dr. David James Strawbridge matriculated at University College in 1939. He later worked as a schoolmaster.

Of the following items, UC:P40/P/1 was given by him to the College in 1990; UC:P40/P/2 in December 1998 as Accession no. 104, and UC:P40/MS1/1 and UC:P40/MS2/1 in February 2002 as Acc. No. 330.

Recatalogued in February 2002.

UC:P40/P/1                   1940-1942
        Album of newly-retaken photographs taken by Dr. Strawbridge while at University College between 1940-1942. Several were taken when he was on Air Raid Prevention Duty, and include some panoramic views of the city. There are also several pictures of his undergraduate rooms (so far unique for this period).
            At the front of the volume are some notes by Strawbridge on his life at University College at this time, including his A.R.P. duty.

UC:P40/P/2                   1940-1942
        A second collection of newly-retaken photographs from Dr. Strawbridge, with slightly larger prints and fuller annotation. Many are identical with those in UC:P40/P/1 above, but there is some new material, including a photograph of an ARP plan of the College, of which the original is lost [5 sheets in all].

UC:P40/MS1/1             1941
        Report of an excavation carried out in the garden of 90 High Street in the summer of 1941 by Strawbridge, J. J. Kipling and John Yallop, under the direction of E.J. Bowen. This copy of the report has been annotated by Strawbridge. The finds of the excavation proved inconclusive.

UC:P40/MS2/1             Oct 1990
        Reminiscences of life at University College submitted by Strawbridge. These were presumably submitted as material to Volume VIII of the History of the University of Oxford, but a copy was not found with the other reminiscences sent by HUO to the archives.
        Subjects include accommodation, teaching, friends, food and backgrounds of undergraduates.