Pages from a Photograph Album, 1860s

These pages were acquired by the Archivist from a dealer via eBay in October 2007, and arrived in the Archives in December 2007 as Accession No. 755. The dealer had acquired them in a large un-related job lot purchased at auction, and had no information about their provenance. It is not even clear whether the original owner of the album was linked to University College.

UC:P253/P1/1    1868
        Three pages from an otherwise lost photograph album, containing the following images:
        Fol. 1: engraving of a portrait of Mary Queen of Scots.
        Fol. 1v: Photographs of George Fenwick Boyd (matr. 1868) and of the High Street frontage of University College, both dated 1868.
        Fol. 2: Photograph of Magdalen Tower, seen from the other side of Magdalen Bridge.
        Fol. 2v: Photograph of the Founder’s Tower, Magdalen College, seen from inside the Cloisters.
        Fol. 3. Two photographs of Iffley Church, one taken from the river, the other from close up.
        Fol. 3v: Photograph of the west end of Merton College Chapel, dated 1868.