The Oxford-Radcliffe Scholarships

A group of anonymous Old Members of University College committed £10m towards postgraduate scholarships in December 2012.


£4m of this commitment is in the form of “challenge” funding. Donations from other Old Member's to postgraduate scholarships will be matched on a 1:2 ratio (so each £2m raised by the College will release an additional £1m of matched funding for permanent endowment to postgraduate study).
The Oxford-Radcliffe Benefaction, along with the Oxford Graduate Matched Fund, has the potential significantly to add to the value of your donation.


Focusing on key areas of study

The Oxford-Radcliffe Scholarships are targeted on the following subject areas:
• Biomedical and Medical Sciences, including interdisciplinary research in Centres for Doctoral Training
• Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences, including interdisciplinary research in Centres for Doctoral Training
• Earth Sciences
• Politics, Public Policy, International Relations and Global Governance
• Economics
• Other subjects (limited to 10% of Oxford-Radcliffe Scholars)


The impact of the benefaction for Univ


The Oxford-Radcliffe Benefaction has already unlocked an additional £6.7m of funding from the University’s scheme for postgraduate study at the College.

To release the full £4m of “challenge” funding from the benefaction, £8m needs to be raised in commitments from Univ Old Members. If this is achieved, a further £5.3m will be released from the University’s Graduate Matched Fund.
The Oxford-Radcliffe programme has the potential to be worth £30m to postgraduate study at Univ.