The Oxford Graduate Scholarship Matched Fund

The University has recognised the importance of postgraduate study, and in 2012 launched the Oxford Graduate Scholarship Matched Fund, with the goal of creating fully-funded scholarships in perpetuity, through permanent endowment income.

The Oxford Graduate Matched Fund will open the doors of opportunity to many more top graduate students each year, enabling them to fulfil their academic potential at Oxford, to our lasting collective benefit.

The University has made £40m available, to be released on a 60:40 basis (Donor’s contribution: University matched contribution).
In 2012, Univ received a £1m donation from the Swire Family Trust for postgraduate courses in History. This was the first endowed scholarship to qualify for the Oxford Graduate Scholarship Matched Fund, and benefitted from the scheme in the following way:

Donor Contribution (60%): £1,000,000


University Contribution (40%): £667,000


Total (100%): £1,667,000


Endowment Income: £66,700

Sufficient for two full scholarships per year

A new postgraduate scholarship can be created in perpetuity at Univ with every £465,000 that is donated by Old Members, individually or collectively. This benefits from the University’s scheme and generates an endowment income equal to the average annual cost of graduate study at Oxford (£31,000).
UK taxpayers have the additional benefit of Gift Aid, such that only £372,000 is required to achieve the same goal.
↓      UK Donor Contribution: £372,000     ↓  Non-UK Donor Contribution (60%): £465,000 
↓          With Gift Aid (60%): £465,000       
   ↓                                University Contribution (40%): £310,000                              
↓                                         Total (100%): £775,000                                          
Endowment Income (4%): £31,000
This generous University-wide programme is one of two mechanisms available to Univ Old Members, the second being the Oxford-Radcliffe Scholarship programme. With both schemes in place the impact of your gift will be significantly increased.