Online Supportive Resources
Everyone runs into difficulties from time to time. Each person responds in different ways, but it can often be useful to know how other people have responded to similar challenges. Information about a range of issues that students face, and that the welfare team at Univ and people elsewhere in the University can help with, are on the college intranet.   
There are also lots of resources for self-help on the University website available here (opens in new window.) These include podcasts as well as written resources, and links to other websites. They may suggest things that you might do for yourself, or might offer a framework in which you can explain to someone else how you are feeling.
Some resources touch on academic-related issues that might have a bearing on your general health and well-being. Others address health or welfare-related issues that might affect your academic work. Often it’s difficult to know which is which, or to separate them out. That’s normal. The topics addressed include things like these: adjusting to university life, academic-performance, revision and preparing for exams, self-care, self-esteem, sleep, perfectionism, stress, and so on.  And new material is added on a regular basis - you can browse the menu for yourself here, and see where you might go.
These are resources that you can take or leave. Some may be more helpful than others, for everyone is different. But we hope that they may give you some pointers that may be helpful when thinking about any challenges that you may be facing, and what you can do to address them.
But don’t forget that everyone’s situation is unique. Don’t think that there is something wrong with you if the issue that you are facing is different. And remember that there are lots of people you can talk to - just take a look at our main Welfare page here.