Non-Academic Support

Non-Academic Support

Univ seeks to provide a welcoming and supportive environment in which all of its students may flourish.

There are also college officers and staff who are available to offer further help at times of particular need and who can respond to difficulties as they arise.

Who to Contact

The pastoral role of a tutor will often extend to providing support on non-academic matters where it is appropriate to do so, but some students will prefer to talk to someone other than a tutor about an issue that may be troubling them. Many students will find appropriate support from their families or friends, but some will make use of welfare provision that is offered in the College, the University or elsewhere.

Tutors are encouraged to refer students to members of the Welfare Team whenever they think it appropriate to do so, as those college officers and staff are often able to give time that tutors do not have, and to complement the support that tutors can give. Students are also encouraged to approach members of the Welfare Team whenever they wish to do so, and should know that what they say will be treated in confidence, as explained more fully in our Guidance on Confidentiality in Student Welfare which can be read here (page opens in new window.)


Dr Andrew Gregory - Chaplain and Welfare Fellow

As Welfare Fellow he is responsible for the coordination and development of non-academic welfare support. He oversees the Student Welfare Office.

As Chaplain he is one of a number of officers who shares responsibility for welfare in Univ. He is readily available to all members of the College and to its staff who are welcome to contact him about any matter of concern. The College is a very diverse community, and most of Dr Gregory’s work takes place in a context of pastoral support in which no assumptions are made as to whether individuals hold to any religious beliefs or to none.

His room is on Staircase 6, in the Main Quad. If you wish to do so, you are welcome to call in socially, or talk to him in confidence about any matter of concern and on any matter; he operates an open door policy, and there is no need to make an appointment.

E: T: +44 (0)1865 276663


Mrs Jing Fang - Adviser for International Students.

Mrs Fang teaches at the Chinese Institute, but is usually in Univ two or three days each week. She will be glad to hear from international students, and is reached most easily by email.









Aimee Rhead - Disability and Welfare Administrator

She assists the Senior Tutor in making reasonable adjustments for students with disabilities, and also works as a member of the Welfare Team. She is available as a first point of contact for students who might want to talk about any issue affecting their welfare.

E: T: +44 (0)1865 276662