Miscellaneous Domestic Bursars' Notices, 1880–1930

This bundle of documents was sent to the archives by an anonymous donor in August 2009 as Accession No. 849. Nothing is known of their origins: it is most likely that they were collected by a College servant of the time, and passed down his family.

The papers comprise a series of notices issued by successive Domestic Bursars (namely Charles Faulkner, Arthur Dendy, A. B. Poynton, and L. W. Grensted) on domestic matters. Several of them bear holes where they were presumably pinned up on a wall.  There is nothing else quite like them elsewhere in the archives, and they shed important light on aspects of the day-to-day domestic life of the College.

Catalogued in December 2009.

UC:P269/X1/1    22 Nov 1880
Notice by Charles Faulkner setting out the rules for sconcing at Hall dinners.

UC:P269/X1/2–4    18 Jan 1895–23 Apr 1914
Three notices (dated 18 Jan 1895, 18 Jan 1912, and 23 Apr 1914), the first one by Arthur Dendy, and the other two by A. B. Poynton, on regulations concerning the use of electric lights and other appliances.

UC:P269/X1/5–7    10 May 1898 and 29 Apr 1927
Three notices (one dated 10 May 1898 and two 29 April 1927), the first one by Arthur Dendy, and the other two by L. W. Grensted, on regulations on the serving of drinks in Hall.

UC:P269/X1/8–12    21 May 1905–18 May 1927
Five notices, all by A. B. Poynton, concerning arrangements for lending silver out to undergraduates during Eights Week. The wording on the notices is largely identical, and several of the notices have been re-used from one year to the next.

UC:P269/X1/13–15    5 Mar 1923–29 May 1929
Three notices (one dated 5 Mar 1923 and two 29 May 1929), all by A. B. Poynton, on arrangements for Bump Suppers. X1/14 asks the servants to clear the glasses from the tables quickly, clearly to  prevent them being broken by unruly rowers.

UC:P269/X1/16–18    13 Mar 1928–16 May 1930
Three notices (dated 13 Mar 1928, 16 Nov 1928, and 16 Mar 1930), the first two by A. B. Poynton, the third in an unknown hand, giving details of the opening times of the Buttery and Hall.

UC:P269/X1/19–20    26 Apr 1928 & 9 May 1929
Two notices, one by L. W. Grensted, the other by A. B. Poynton advertising two servants’ posts, one for a scout, the other for the College Messenger.

UC:P269/X1/21–22    16 & 19 May 1930
Two notices, the first in an unknown hand, the second by A. B. Poynton, advertising the creation of a Volunteer College Fire Brigade.

UC:P269/X1/23    17 May 1900
Notice from A. B. Poynton on payments to scouts from members of the College temporarily occupying College rooms.

UC:P269/X1/24    Sep 1901
Notice from A. B. Poynton asking scouts to put in applications for utensils they require.

UC:P269/X1/25    13 Mar 1902
Notice from A. B. Poynton on regulations for cleaning windows.

UC:P269/X1/26    Oct 1904
Notice from A. B. Poynton on breakfast commons.

UC:P269/X1/27    Feb 1907
Notice from A. B. Poynton on arrangements for the payment of College laundresses.

UC:P269/X1/28    30 Jan 1920
Notice from A. B. Poynton on a complaints procedure for battels bills.

UC:P269/X1/29    30 May 1921
Notice from A. B. Poynton on subscriptions paid by undergraduates to the Servants’ Cricket Club.

UC:P269/X1/30    2 Jun 1924
Notice from A. B. Poynton on charges for installing window boxes.

UC:P269/X1/31    1 Oct 1924
Notice from A. B. Poynton declaring that servants cannot make any charges for cleaning items in rooms.

UC:P269/X1/32    n.d.
Notice from A. B. Poynton on making reports on damage done to rooms.

UC:P269/X1/33    n.d.
Notice from A. B. Poynton on what to do with blankets, cane chairs, and carpets.

UC:P269/X1/34    n.d.
Notice from A. B. Poynton on payments to be made by Fellows in residence.

UC:P269/X1/35    24 Aug 2009
Note from the anonymous donor of the above collection.