Miscellaneous Dinner Menus, 1903-36

In summer 1993, during a stocktaking of the archives, a box inscribed ‘Gaudy Lists and Cards’ was discovered.

This contained almost exclusively dinner menus, and related papers, for Gaudies, Old Members’ Dinners, and several College societies. Some papers were clearly given by Old Members, and have been reunited with other papers given them; other documents could be listed under the relevant society.
    However there remained a small collection of menus which could be related to no particular society, and no particular individual. In the absence of any documentation on their provenance, they are therefore listed here in chronological order.

Catalogued in October 1999.

    UC:P143/X1 - DINNER MENUS, ETC. 1903-1905

UC:P143/X1/1    Dec 1903
        Invitation to the Servants’ Party at University College, on 31 Dec 1903.

UC:P143/X1/2    27 Jun 1905
        Menu with seating plan for a dinner at Jesus College, Oxford.

UC:P143/X1/3    30 Jun 1905
        Menu for a ‘Bagley Lunch’.

    UC:P143/X2 - DINNER MENUS, 1913

    It is possible that UC:P143/X2/1 may have originated from A.S.L. Farquharson (Fellow 1899-1942), who was prominent in the Territorial Army.

UC:P143/X2/1    23 May 1913
        2 copies of a menu with seating plan for a dinner following the Annual Inspection of the Oxford  University Officer Training Corps, held at University College.

UC:P143/X2/2    Hogmanay (i.e. 31 Dec) 1913
        Menu, with list of speakers and toast, for a dinner held by the Caledonian Society of Oxford in honour of Professor Rait. Among the speakers was Sir James Murray, Principal Editor of the Oxford English Dictionary.

    UC:P143/X3 - DINNER MENUS, 1920s

UC:P143/X3/1    14 Jun 1920
        Menu, signed by some of those attending,  for a dinner held in honour of Cyril J.H. Tolley (1895-1978, matr. 1919), the great golfer, possibly after he won the British Amateur Championship at Muirfield that year. A caricature of Tolley is on the cover of the menu.

UC:P143/X3/2    1930?
        Photograph (found inside UC:P143/X3/1) of a scene on the Isis, showing a coxless four on the river, and various people walking by. Undated, and uninscribed, but presumably given to the College by the same person who gave the dinner menu. However, UC:P142/P1/4 a laser copy of another print of this same photograph, dates it to 1930.

UC:P143/X3/3    21 Jun 1922
        2 copies of a menu for a Farewell Dinner to Lt.-Col. H.de R. Morgan, DSO and Capt. Brocas Burrows, DSO, MC, at University College. Neither man was a member of University College, but, since the menu bears the crest of the Oxford University Officer Training Corps on its cover, they were probably related to that, and the dinner, like UC:P143/X2/1 above, may have been arranged by A.S.L. Farquharson.

    UC:P143/X4 - DINNER MENUS, 1930s

UC:P143/X4/1    18 May 1935
        Invitation from Professor Rudler to a tea party at All Souls to meet the French Ambassador.

UC:P143/X4/2    9 May 1936
        Menu for a dinner to celebrate the centenary of the endowment of the Stowell Law Fellowship.