Mendl-Schrama Prize in Music

The Mendl-Schrama Prize in Music is Univ's first music prize for undergraduate students. It is awarded annually and is worth £1000.

It is open to undergraduate singers and keyboard players of all types (piano, harpsichord, organ) and is awarded at the end of Michaelmas term each year. The objective of the prize is to provide meaningful financial support for outstanding students to pursue extra-curricular music study while at Univ. More details about the application process are available here.

Applicants must show that they have clear and well-considered plans to use the money toward furthering their musical endeavours; for example masterclasses, residential holiday courses, language courses or lessons/coaching with a particular teacher at a conservatoire.

Winners are required to furnish the Director of Music with a brief report on their use of the grant and the impact of such activities on their musical advancement. They are also required to present a recital which demonstrates the fruits of their labours. The joint winners of the 2014/15 prize, Christopher Breeze (baritone) and Seung-Eon Yoo (piano), gave their recital on 30 January, 2016. The winner of the 2015/16 prize is Isobel Rose (soprano, pictured with Mrs Heleen Mendl-Schrama.)

The Mendl-Schrama Prize was founded and endowed in 2014 by Mrs Heleen Mendl-Schrama, widow of His Honour James H E Mendl (1948, Law). 

The panel for 2015/16 consisted of The Director of Music, Teresa Cahill (soprano), Anahit Chaushyan (piano), Mrs Heleen Mendl-Schrama and Bruce Harris (trustee). The 2014/15 panel included Julian Jacobson (piano) instead of Anahit Chaushyan. The college is extremely grateful to the panelists for donating their time to this cause.

Summary of Entry Requirements 

• Application must be in writing by end 4th week, Michaelmas term, giving an outline plan for the use of the prize money
• Auditions will be held in 7th week of the same term
• Candidates must prepare 2 contrasting pieces, to last not more than 10 minutes
• All undergraduate singers, keyboard players and duet partnerships between singers and accompanists may apply.
• Previous winners are not eligible to reapply

Members of the college will be invited to apply via email during the first week of Michaelmas term each year.