The Martlet Ensemble

The Martlet Ensemble (TME) was created in 2014 by with the intention of establishing Univ as a centre of musical excellence in Oxford. The ensemble consists of internationally renowned musicians who come to Univ to perform and to coach students here. TME is Univ's own ensemble in residence and this relationship has been secured until the end of the 2017/18 academic year.

Its dual function is to provide not only professional music-making in College, but also tailor-made coaching and performing opportunities for Univ musicians. It has been proven that students who have reached a high standard on a musical instrument achieve better degrees due to the rigour of learning involved. We hope that the existence of TME will prove attractive to prospective students, as it represents a collaboration not offered by other colleges.

Each year, as the musicians in college change, so will the projects, thus tailoring the music studied and performed to suit our current musical community.

TME Diary


• 14 October – Bach and Bruhns, solo cantatas for bass, oboe and strings
• 28 January – open coaching session
• 29 January – Bach and Daniel Purcell, sacred and secular cantatas for bass
• 9 May – Bruhns and Purcell (student ensemble) Iffley Music Festival
• 16 May – Bruhns and Purcell (student ensemble)
• 16 June – open coaching
• 17 June – Purcell and Locke, fantasies for string ensemble


• 16 September – Mozart and Haydn, string quartets
• 3 October – Concert for the opening of the Goodhart Building, Mozart and Haydn, string quartets
• 22 October – Telemann, Handel and Bruhns, cantatas for bass, violin solo and string ensemble
• 23 October – open coaching on Mendelssohn's Octet
• 24 October – concert in honour of Brian Loughman's 90th birthday
• 24 November – Bach cantatas, with TME pro ensemble and soloists, and Chapel Choir
• 26 January – open rehearsal and coaching for string players on Mendelssohn's Octet
• 11 February – Mendelssohn's Octet concert - collaboration between professional and student players
• 8 June – open rehearsal for Finzi, Barber and Bridge
• 11 June – Final concert of the year, Finzi Interlude for oboe and string quartet, Bridge, 3 Idylls for string quartet and Samuel Barber, Dover Beach for baritone and string quartet

Details of upcoming events will be listed on the Univ News and Events pages here or follow Univ on Twitter for the latest updates.