The Living of Elton, Huntingdonshire

Elton is a village in Huntingdonshire, not far from Peterborough. The advowson of Elton was purchased by the College in 1760 for £2000 out of the fund created in 1714 by John Radcliffe for the purchase of advowsons (see UC:E17/3/MS2/6), but then sold in 1884 (UC:EB/A1/6 pp. 260–1). The College made its first presentation to Elton in 1787, and the rectors appointed by the College until it sold the living are as follows:

1787: Philip Fisher(matr. Univ. 1766; Fellow 1770–88)
1842: Piers Claughton(matr. Brasenose; Fellow of Univ. 1836–46)
1843: Frederick Faber (matr. Balliol; Fellow of Univ. 1836–44)
1845: Piers Claugton again (as above)
1860: Richard Kempthorne (not a member of University College)

Very few papers relating to Elton are presented in the College archives, presumably because quite a few of them were transferred when the advowson was sold (in particular, no title deeds are preserved; all that remains is a schedule of them from 1878 at UC:E22/C1/3). The most significant one is a large map from 1792. All these items were found in the archives during the stocktaking of 1993.

Catalogued in December 2012.

    UC:E22/E1 - SURVEY

UC:E22/E1/1    1792
    Survey of the Rectorial Estate at Elton. This booklet is designed to accompany the map at UC:E22/M1/1 below.


UC:E22/C1/1    30 Apr 1874–23 Dec 1876
    Three letters concerning proposals to sell the advowson of Elton, including a warning from the Copyhold Commissioners against selling it by auction.

UC:E22/C1/2    8 Dec 1877–7 Feb 1879
    Five letters, mainly from Richard Kempthorne, Rector of Elton, concerning proposed repairs to the buildings at Elton Glebe Farm.

UC:E22/C1/3    20 Nov & 9 Dec 1878
    Two letters and a schedule of deeds relating to the advowson of Elton dating from 1661–1843. The letters once again return to the question of selling the advowson, and include a veto of the Copyhold Commissions against doing so by auction.

UC:E22/C1/4    9 Aug 1879
    Letter concerning the return of some deeds about the advowson of Elton to the College.

    UC:E22/M1 - MAP

UC:E22/M1/1    1792
    Map of the Rectorial Estates of Elton
    Surveyor: T. Wilson & Sons.
    Scale: A scale is given, but with no indication of the proportion of inches to chains or yards.
    Size: 1060 by 1545 mm.
    Inscribed: A ∣ Plan and Survey ∣ of all the Allottments of the Rectorial Estate of ∣ Elton in the County of Huntingdon, in the Presentation ∣ of the Master and Fellows of University College ∣ in Oxford and now in the Possession of the ∣ Revd Philip Fisher B. D. ∣ 1792 ∣ by T. Wilson & Son [most of the fields are named, and there is a key to the tenants and occupants of the lands]
    Signed: [see above]
    Dated: [see above]
    Medium: Pen and ink with various washes
    Support: Parchment [2 membranes]
    Notes: Several buildings, including the rectory and church, are depicted on the map. The inscription is housed in an elaborate cartouche, with the arms of University College depicted below.