Letters from Sir William Jones (1746-94) and Lord Eldon (1751-1838)

These four letters, two each from Sir William Jones (matr. 1764; F. 1766–83) and John Scott, Lord Eldon (matr. 1766; F. 1767–73), were presented to the College at various times by various donors, as specified below, but all of them were eventually mounted and framed in the same way. For some years they were hung in a Fellows' rooms, but were passed to the archives in June 2010 as Accession No. 913. The letters have been removed from their mounts, but the mounts have been preserved and are kept with the letters.

Catalogued in August 2010.


UC:P276/C1/1    23 Feb 1784
    Letter from Sir William Jones (address not given, but written from India) to Richard Johnson, who has evidently recently left India for England. Jones assures him that he and Robert Chambers will look after his books and his chariot.
        This letter came from the collection of ‘Miss Mansfield of Peterborough’, and was given to the College by Sir Michael Sadler in November 1931.

UC:P276/C1/2    26 Sep 1788
    Letter from Sir William Jones (address Crishanagar) to an unnamed addressee, praising a lawyer called Mr. Rees, whom the addressee has recommended to him on his arrival in India. He praises the addressee’s recent collection of sermons, and hopes to see him when he returns to Europe, and expresses hopes of retiring to study.
        This letter was given to the College by Professor Walter Ashburner (F. 1926–9) in 1927.


UC:P276/C2/1    16 Jul 1824
    Letter from Lord Eldon (no address given) to Lord Huntley thanking him for sending him a salmon.
        This letter was given to the College by R. W. Chapman, then Secretary to the Delegates of Oxford University Press, in 1928.

UC:P276/C2/2    1834
    Letter from Lord Eldon (no address given) to an unnamed addressee identified on the mount as Rev. R. Allen, of Winchester and New College, expressing his regard for him, and reflecting on his old age.
        This letter was given to the College at an unknown date by Reginald Daniell (matr. 1891), the great-nephew of Allan, who therefore presumably supplied the above details.