Letter from Percy Shelley, 1814

This letter was originally given to the College in 1940 by an Old Member, Martin Hopkinson (matr. 1901). It eventually was stored in the offices of the Estates Bursary for several years, before being transferred to the Archives in July 2002 as Accession No. 373.

UC:P194/C1/1    Apr 1814
        Letter (autographed and signed; 1 sheet) from Percy Shelley (no address given) to John Williams, 11 Wardour Street, Soho. Shelley discusses the poor state of his finances, and seeking Williams’ help to settle with his creditors.

UC:P194/C2/1–2    6 & 14 May 1940
        Letters concerning the gift of the letter to the College, one from Martin Hopkinson, the other from Sir William Beveridge.