Laurence Radford (Fellow c. 1349-1361)

Evidence in the archives suggests that Laurence Redford had been a Fellow of University College since c.1349, and was still there in 1361.

He had been instrumental in negotiating the purchase of the Gonwardby estates in 1359/61 (see UC:E2/5/2D/9-17). He held various benefices, including at Selby Abbey, York, from 1349, Meppersham, Berks., to 1374, and St. Andrews, Holborn, London, to 1374/5. His will was dated 10 Aug 1375, and proved on 30 Nov of the same year. In his will, he left money to the College.

UC:S12/1D/1                 Tuesday before St. Peter ad vincula 30 Edw III (26 Jul 1356)
William Smith (UC:AR2/MS1/10 p. 31) said of this item “Ex charta omni ex parte evanida seu pallida antequam fuit per me aquâ gallarum delinita” ("from a charter totally faded or pale  before it was daubed with water of gall by me"). The effects of the gall are still there, with the paradoxical result that Smith’s transcript (ibid. pp. 31-32) is now easier to read.
            1.    Hugh, son of William,, son of Helius(?) de Radeford.
            2.    Master Laurence de Radeford, Clerk of the Diocese of Yorkshire.
        Property: All 1's lands and meadows in Radeford, Henton and Sutton, Notts.
        Comments: 1 gives the above land to 2. Given at Oxford.
            Although the document is in poor condition, the seal is well preserved. It has now been published and translated in R. H. Darwall-Smith, Early Records of University College (OHS n.s. xlvi 2015), pp. 84–5.
        Witnesses: John of St. Frideswide, Mayor of Oxford, Hugh de Yestale and William le Cyssor, bailiffs of the same, Roger de Lodelowe of the same, Nicholas Garlaund of the same, John de Northampton, Clerk, of the same, Hugh le Rocheley of Radeford, John de la Chapell of the same, Henry de Derby of the same, John  Serle of Henton, John de Petter of the same, and unnamed others.
        Language: Latin.