Land at Edgiock, near Inkberrow, Worcs., 1610–1922

Edgiock is a hamlet in Worcestershire near Inkberrow, situated just south of Redditch. By the early 18th century Edgiock was reckoned as a manor, and had gone through several changes of ownership until it was in the possession of the Baber family. Francis Baber died in late 1740 or early 1741 (his will was proved in February 1740/1), and left his property, including Edgiock. to be sold for the benefit of his family.

Unfortunately, it seems that Baber died in debt, and his will was disputed. By the late 1740s, however, his estate was being sold off, and in 1749 University College was invited to purchase the land at Edgiock. The conveyance whereby the College purchased the land is now lost (it was presumably passed over to the purchaser when the property was sold in 1920), but the Billa Bursarii for 1751/2 (UC:BU5/F2/2 fol. 7) and UC:E20/D1/32 below suggest that the purchase was finally agreed in 1751, at a cost to the College of £650.

It seems that the Edgiock lands were purchased subject to a life interest in an annuity of £120 on the land (see UC:E20/D2/1), and therefore the College seems to have received no income from the land until the lease at UC:E20/D2/1 was drawn up in 1773. The first income from Edgiock was then recorded in the General Accounts for 1775/6 (UC:BU2/F1/4 fols.203–203v).

In 1885 and 1901 the College purchased two small pieces of land adjoining the Edgiock estate (see UC:E20/D4). However, it then sold off all its property in Edgiock in 1920–1, at the same time as it was disposing of a great many of its agricultural estates. No extant deeds concerning the sale survive, but the following copies of lost conveyances relating to the sale of the land (and also the purchase by the College of some adjoining land) are preserved:

    UC:EB1/A1/7 pp. 193–5: Conveyance, dated 14 Aug 1920, of The Court Farm and Gilbert Farm, situated in Inkberrow and Feckenham, Worcs., as shown on an attached map and set out in a schedule, to Harry Richard Broome of Edgiock Manor, near Redditch, Worcs., Farmer, for £4750. This sale covered the greater part of the College’s property at Edgiock.
    UC:EB1/A1/7 pp. 338–9: Conveyance, dated 10 Nov 1921, is of some land at Ashwood Bank, Inkberrow, Worcs., as shown on an attached map, to Albert Houghton of Ashwood Bank, Worcs., Market Gardener, for £350. The land brought by Hougton included the land bought by the College in 1901 above.
    UC:EB1/A1/7 pp. 339–40: Conveyance, dated 11 Nov 1921, of some land at Ashwood Bank, Inkberrow, Worcs., to Beatrice Mary Kinnett, for £50.

In 1897–8 the College had previously sold off a small portion of its land at Edgiock. Papers relating to this transaction may be found at UC:P33/2.

The documents relating to Edgiock are typical of the College’s estate collections, comprising deeds, maps, correspondence and some financial papers. There were all found in the archives in the summer of 1993, except for UC:E20/D4/1–3, which were transferred to the archives from the Estates Bursary in July 2002 as part of Accession no. 378.

Catalogued in March 2016.


The papers concerning Edgiock have been arranged into the following series:

UC:E20/D1  Deeds concerning Edgiock before its Purchase by University College, 1610–1762

UC:E20/D2  Leases of the Edgiock Property, 1773–1889

UC:E20/D3  Purchase of a Quit Rent, 1901

UC:E20/D4  Conveyances of other land around Edgiock, 1878–1885

UC:E20/C1  Correspondence, 1785–1922

UC:E20/F1  Miscellaneous Financial and Administrative Records, 1790–1913

UC:E20/M1  Maps and Plans, 1789–early 20th cent.


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