John Goldsmith (Fellow 1430–8)

John Goldsmith was elected a Fellow of University College in 1430, and, as the following document shows, served as Bursar in 1433/4.

A. B. Emden, in his Biographical Register of the University of Oxford to A. D. 1500, notes that Goldsmith had been a secular scholar at Durham priory in 1425, and that he left the College in 1438. From 1437 he was Rector of Longworth, Berks., and had died by 1476.
    This is the only document about Goldsmith in the Archives.

Catalogued in September 1996.

UC:S4/F1/1                                                        6 Dec 1439
Declaration of Thomas [Bourchier], Bishop of Worcester, that when he was Chancellor of Oxford University, John Goldesmyth, then procurator or Bursar of the College or Great Hall of the University of Oxford, in June 12 Hen VI (i.e. UC:BU1/F/45 of 1433/4), brought before him a roll with his accounts for the College, which he ratified. Now Bourchier declares that if the College are happy with the roll, it is to stand; if not, then his ratification at the bottom is to have no force. Two supporting College Statutes are quoted.
            Given at Oxford.
            The document is in good condition (and the writing particularly neat). The seal (that of the Bishop of Worcester) survives in fair condition. Smith (UC:AR2/MS1/10 p. 42) found it “pritty fair and entire”. The document has now been published and translated in R. H. Darwall-Smith, Early Records of University College (OHS n.s. xlvi 2015), pp. 86–9.
        Language: Latin.