John Elmhirst (Fellow 1621-51)

John Elmhirst came from York, and matriculated at University College in 1616 aged 17.He was elected Fellow in 1621, and served as Bursar at various times between 1623 and 1636.

In1636 he became Rector of Aston Ingham, Hereford. He was ejected from his post in 1651, probably due to his unwillingness to accept the current political situation. In 1661 he was made Vicar of Linton, Hereford.
    Elmhirst seems to have been singularly inefficient as Bursar, running up considerable debts from being unable to settle tradesmen’s bills for good and drink (see further A. D. M. Cox, (1977), ‘The Bursar and the Beer’, UCR Vol. VII no. 3 (1977),  pp. 136–41).
    The following documents are largely concerned with Elmhirst’s financial affairs, both in the 1630s, and after the Civil War.



UC:S7/F1/1    1635-1642
        Accounts relating to money owed to and from John Elmhirst for these years.

UC:S7/F1/2    1635-1642
        Account for money owed by John Elmhirst to the brewer.

UC:S7/F1/3    1635-1647
        More accounts of money owing to or owed by John Elmhirst.

UC:S7/F1/4    9 Nov 1642
        Release from Christian Chace, widow of William Chace, late Butler of University College, for £30 8s 10d, owed by John Elmhirst, in return for a payment of £5 10s 6d (in addition to £11 9s 2d already paid her by him).

UC:S7/F1/5    1624-1636
        List of money owed by John Elmhirst to Alderman Smith from 1624 to 1636.

UC:S7/F1/6    n.d. (1640s?)
        List of sums due to Mr. Stowe (or Stone?) from John Elmhirst, mostly for food and other provisions.

UC:S7/F1/7    1636
        List of moneys owed(?) by John Elmhirst from 1624 to 1636.

UC:S7/F1/8    1639
        Note of some dues owing from John Elmhirst from 1639.


UC:S7/MS1/1    n.d. (1640s?)
        List of goods in Elmhirst’s chamber, with valuation.

UC:S7/MS1/2    12 Jul 1648
        List of books which “were with common consent taken out of Mr. Elmhirsts study”.

UC:S7/MS1/3    21 Oct 1651
        List titled “A catalogue of the bookes that lay in Mr. Elmhirsts studie with other things”. 2 pages - almost all books, but a few other items at the end.


UC:S7/C1/1    10 Aug 1641
        Letter from John Elmhirst to Thomas Walker from Aston-Ingham,  in which he apologises profusely for not paying part of his Fellowship stipend to a Mr. Smith.

UC:S7/C1/2    30 Aug 1641
        Letter from John Elmhirst to an unnamed addressee (Thomas Walker?) concerning giving money to Mr. Smith, and also giving something to William Chace’s widow.

UC:S7/C1/3    8 Nov 1641
        Letter from John Elmhirst to an unnamed addressee (Thomas Walker?) concerning the attempts of a Mr. Griffin to make Elmhirst repay a debt, and Griffin’s threats to sell off his furniture and books, and asking (Walker?) for help. He also discusses the currentl political situation.

UC:S7/C1/4    20 Aug 1652
        Letter from John Elmhirst to Joshua Hoyle, concerning the money which he owes the College, with profuse apologies that he cannot at present repay it. Elmhirst urges Hoyle to check up in the Buttery books for which he was responsible

UC:S7/C1/5    22 Apr 1653
        Letter from John Elmhirst, at Lynton, to an unnamed addressee (probably Joshua Hoyle or Thomas Thornton) concerning the money he owes the College. He comments that the College owes him some money too, from shares in entry fines, and his Fellowship stipend.