John Alleyne (Fellow 1754-80)

John Alleyne (1731/2–92) came from Loughborough, and matriculated at University College on 16 March 1749 aged 17.

He had been a chorister at Magdalen College, Oxford in 1738–49. On 11 May 1749 he was elected to a Minor Bennet Exhibition. He was elected to a Bennet Fellowship on 11 July 1754, and took his BA in 1752, his MA in 1755, and his BD in 1777. During the 1760s, Alleyne held many College offices, including those of Bursar, Dean, Registrar, and Librarian, but in the 1770s he seems to not to have been regularly resident in College. This might well be because from 1763–85 he acted as Magdalen’s Steward, helping to administer that College’s estates and finances.

On 16 October 1779 he was appointed Rector of the College’s living at North Cerney, Glos., and he resigned his Fellowship on 18 February 1780. Alleyne died at North Cerney in 1792, and a plaque in his memory hangs on the south side of the chancel there.

This account book was found in the College’s archives during the stocktaking of summer 1993. A note inside by G. G. Bradley, dated 16 December 1876, reports that he found the book in a drawer belong “to the late Master” (i.e. F. C. Plumptre).

Catalogued in October 2002.

UC:S14/F1/1                               1760/1–1762/3 & 1765/6–1767/8
Day book kept by John Alleyne during his two terms as Bursar. The first part of the accounts has no year, but the College Register shows that he was Bursary in 1760/1, and references in the book to Bursars in preceding and succeeding years show that these accounts do refer to the 1760s.
        The book records receipts on the left hand page, and payments on the right. They are extremely detailed, and there are no comparable documents in the College archives from this period. They show that Alleyne was still having to keep accounts of receipts and payments well into the years immediately following both his Bursarships, with even a few accounts from 1762/3 and 1767/8

UC:S14/F2/1–3                          1765/6
Three loose bills found in F1/1 above, of which F2/1–2 relate to the Senior Common Room, and F2/3 for the garden.