Herbert Lionel Adolphus Hart (Fellow 1952-68)

Herbert Hart (1907–92) was a Fellow of New College in 1945–52, before becoming Professor of Jurisprudence and Fellow of University College from 1952–68.

He remained at the College as a Supernumerary Fellow until 1973, when he was elected Principal of Brasenose College, a post he held until 1978. He was an Honorary Fellow of University College from 1973–92. He acquired a considerable reputation as one of the most significant philosophers of law of his generation (see further N. Lacey, A Life of H. L. A. Hart: The Nightmare and the Noble Dream [Oxford, 2004]).

UC:S28/V1/1 was found in the Master’s Lodgings, and transferred to the Archives in October 1997 as Accession No. 41. UC:S28/N1/1–2 were transferred from the Development Office in June 2016 as Accession No. 1192.

Catalogued in June 2016.

    UC:S28/V1 - VIDEOS

UC:S28/V1/1    6 Feb 1993
    Video of a Memorial Ceremony held for Herbert Hart in the Examination Schools in February 1993.


UC:S28/N1/1    6 Feb 1993
    Booklet containing the texts of speeches given at a memorial ceremony for Herbert Hart by Sir Isaiah Berlin, Lord Jay, Ronald Dworkin, Mrs. Jean Floud, Professor Joseph Raz, Dr. Bernard Richards, Professor Alan Ryan, and Lord Wilberforce.

UC:S28/N1/2    1993
    Offprint from Proceedings of the British Academy 84 (1993 Lectures and Memoirs), with an obituary of Herbert Hart by Tony Honoré.