Graduate Welcome Pack 2017

The documents listed below form the Graduate Freshers' Welcome Pack. Some of these documents will have been sent to you by email, and others will need to be downloaded from this page or viewed online. Be sure to bookmark this URL for future reference. Documents which are highlighted in bold and marked with an asterisk need to be completed and returned to the Admissions Manager as soon as possible and by Friday 1 September at the latest. When returning the documents, please include the checklist provided below. Please return the relevant documents to: Admissions Manager, University College, High Street, Oxford, OX1 4BH.


The following documents will have been sent to you by email:

• Welcome letter

The following information should be downloaded from this webpage, or viewed online:

• Checklist*
• Welcome to Univ Booklet (a hardcopy will be provided at registration)
• College Regulations - please view online at
• Information for students - please view online at
• Treasury Form*
• IT Information
• Network Acceptable Use Policy*
• Letter Concerning College Advisers
• Letter from the Welfare Fellow
• Advice on Safe Cycling
• Information for International Students
• Immunisation advice
• Letter from 19 Beaumont Street (Please complete complete online registration)
• 19 Beaumont Street Medical Practice Leaflet
• WCR Letter
• Endsleigh Insurance Information - please view online at


Graduate Welcome Week

The Draft Graduate Welcome Week Timetable is now available. All new graduates will be given a full timetable at registration and regular updates will be posted on the noticeboards in the Lodge.

You can also download the Pre-Welcome Week Timetable.

Single Sign-On

You will receive an email directly from Oxford University IT Services shortly after returning your Univeristy Card Form. The email will contain an activation code allowing you to activate your Oxford University Single Sign-On account. This service will give you access to your University email account and to other essential IT portals. Please follow the instructions in the email to activate your account and complete 'Self-service registration'. If you do not receive the email please contact the Univ Admissions Manager at

Please note that any student who already has an existing Oxford University account will not receive this email. If you have forgotten your existing log-in details, you can email for advice.