Professor Peter Jezzard
Furthering Univ's Postgraduate Community

Unlike undergraduates, postgraduates are admitted initially by departments and faculties, and then allocated to a college according to their preference.

"The status of the graduate degree qualification is steadily taking the place of the undergraduate degree as a passport to the top jobs."

Professor Peter Jezzard, Dean of Graduates

Financial support is a critical consideration when applicants choose a university and, if they choose Oxford, a college. The best way of ensuring that we induce the ablest candidates to list Univ as their college of preference is to offer studentship packages that are as competitive as those offered at other leading universities around the world, along with a vibrant student experience.
A recent strategy has been to leverage the College’s scholarship money by linking this with funds held by Oxford’s departments, faculties and divisions in order to create fully funded, competitively awarded, studentships. This positions Univ on the global stage, and ensures that we are able to attract and help fund the brightest graduate applicants internationally. With increased funding we seek to expand this programme, shaping the future of the postgraduate community at Univ, and benefitting the College’s undergraduates by exposing them to the research and learning undertaken by our graduates.