Further Notes on the sending down of the College in 1880

These papers formed part of the research work of Dr. A. Duncan, an Old Member, which were carried out for the article by Dr. Leslie Mitchell on the sending down of the College which appears in the 1996 issue of the "University College Record".

The full story of the sending-down, as well as some other papers on it, may be found in UC:P45 above.

Catalogued in January 1996.

UC:P46/MS/1                        1995
        Letters and notes concerning Albert Sidney Chavasse, the Fellow of the College whose rooms were screwed up. They include some papers on his schooldays at King Edward VI School, Birmingham, and a copy of his will [38 pages].

UC:P46/MS/2                        1995
        Letters and notes on Samuel Sandbach (1856-1928), the undergraduate who had screwed up Chavasse's rooms. They include notes on his schooldays at Eton, his family, a newspaper obituary and a copy of his will [33 pages].

UC:P46/N/1-36                     13 May-10 Jun 1880
        Photocopies of pages from various papers (namely The Times, the Daily Telegraph, the Daily News, The Standard, the Daily Chronicle, the Pall Mall Gazette and the Oxford and Cambridge Undergraduate Journal), which include articles, editorials and letters on the sending down. Most of these are in sympathy with the undergraduates, and consider the College's response to have been excessively severe.