Freshers' Photograph, 1928

This photograph was given to the archives in December 2011 as Accession No. 988. The donor had found it inside the frame of a painting in his parents’ house, where it had been used as a mounting board. There appeared, however, to be no known link between the donor’s family and Francis Wills, the evident owner of the photograph, and the story of how it came to be used for this purpose remains unknown.

Catalogued in December 2011.

UC:P287/P1/1    Oct 1928
        Mounted photograph of the University College Freshmen of October 1928. No names are given, but on the back of the mount is inscribed in pencil “F. G. B. Wills”. This must be Francis George Barton Wills, who came up to the College in 1928, and who was recorded in the 1970 issue of the “University College Record”, our annual College magazine, as having died ‘recently’.
        Size: 460 by 540 mm (including mount).