Fairfull – originally called Mamaby – was set up by Univ DPhil graduate Elina Naydenova and her partner Adam Bacon as a social enterprise that aims to support the work of community health groups in Mumbai slums. Whilst researching women’s access to healthcare in Mumbai, Elina realised that malnutrition and disease passed through pregnancy, mother-to-child, generation after generation. Creating their first product, a modern twist on a traditional favourite – a baked samosa – profits go directly towards helping to break the cycle of malnutrition and to make a lasting, life-long, impact. Initially in India, but with global ambitions, Fairfull’s aim is to ‘create a world where every bite tastes great and does good...’


“Univ were instrumental in our initial Oxford growth.” – Elina Naydenova, Co-Founder Fairfull


Univ and Fairfull

Univ has been involved with Fairfull since April 2016. Always keen to support our students, of which co-founder Elina is one, we were captivated by the passion and practicality with which the Fairfull team engaged the collegiate university and promoted its not-for-profit activity across the student community. We are always looking for ethically produced and sourced vegetarian and vegan options for sale through our various outlets and in support of our summer schools and conferences. The first product really fitted the bill and we eagerly anticipate their second and subsequent products. Univ will continue to back this and similar initiatives which provide positive outcomes for people across the world.

For further information on Fairfull visit their website here.
Contact: hello@fairfull.co.uk
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