Ephemera of Frank Pearson (1935-2012)

Francis Pearson (1935–2012) came up to University College in 2012 to read Classics, but then changed to History. He served as JCR President in 1958/9. Having taught for a year at Harrow, he read for the bar in Edinburgh and that became an advocate in 1964. In 1967, however, he returned to Harrow to teach history. From 1973–8 he was Headmaster of Truro Cathedral School, and from 1979–83 was Master at Welbeck College. He retired as a schoolmaster in 1983 to become a freelance artist. He died in September 2012.

These documents were found among his papers and given to University College in October 2012 as Accession No. 1032.

Catalogued in October 2012.


UC:P293/C1/1    19 Oct 1958
    Letter to Pearson concerning Pearson’s passing opinions voiced by the JCR of University Colleges on the question of abolishing Torpids in its current form. Torpids remained unchanged.

UC:P293/C1/4–5    3 Jun & 3 Dec 1959
    Two letters to Pearson from Arthur Goodhart (M. 1951–63), the one congratulating him for his work as JCR President, the other offering him an Allen Exhibition.


UC:P293/P1/1–3    Mar 1959
    Three photographs (all black and white measuring 90 by 140 mm) of the University College boat in action during Torpids Week. No names are given.


UC:P293/X1/1    2 Dec 1958
    Menu for a dinner to celebrate University College Hockey Club winning the Inter-College Hockey Cup. Pearson proposed the health of the Hockey Club.

UC:P293/X1/2–4    23 Nov 1959–25 May 1960
    Three menus (dated 23 November 1959, 24 February 1960, and 25 May 1960) for dinners of the Shakespeare Club, of which Pearson was a member. The two menus from 1960 are both signed by those attending the event.

UC:P293/X1/5    n.d. (c. 1958–60?)
    Menu (undated) for a dinner of the Peacock Club, signed by those attending the event.

UC:P293/X1/6    18 Feb 1960
    Menu for a dinner of the Myrmidons Club, signed by those attending the event. The Myrmidons are a long-established dining Club at Merton College; Pearson was presumably a guest on this particular evening.


UC:P293/X2/1    27–30 May 1959
    UCBC  rowing card for Eights Week 1959, sent to Pearson by the UCBC captain.

UC:P293/X2/2–3    Apr 1959 & Apr 1960
    Two printed lists of members of the Gridiron Club, for Trinity Term 1959 and Trinity Term 1960 respectively. Pearson was Hon. Cellerar of the Club in 1959.

UC:P293/X2/4    18 May 1962
    Printed invitation to Pearson to attend the opening of the Goodhart Quadrangle.